Essay On Internet for Students and Children

Thanks to the internet, our lives have basically gotten convenient and easier. The entire world and everything under the sun is all at our fingertips. The internet has had such a strong influence in our lives that we have almost forgotten how our lives were before the internet came into existence.

Essay On Internet In English 1000 Words

Essay on Uses of Internet for Students

If we sit back and ponder how internet has changed the entire modern-day scenario, we can’t just skip its importance. In every sphere of life, internet has a pivotal role to play.

Regardless of the class you study in, you can always be asked to write down an essay on the internet as this is the most relevant topic.

If you’ve been struggling with the points to cover, we are here to help you out. Read on to know more on how to write an essay on the uses of internet.

Internet and its widened reach

Can you find out an area where internet hasn’t had its reach? In India, previously the villages were barred from getting internet connection. But since the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi started the ‘Digital India’ campaign; he made sure that internet reaches every nook and corner of the country. No one living in India should be excluded from reaping the benefits of internet service.

It is indeed tough to estimate an area in our world where the internet doesn’t cover. Reports reveal that every second there are millions of people who are connected to Google who are searching about some sort of issue or problem. Nevertheless, just as everything has its pros and cons, so does the internet.

The internet has definitely made our lives easier than ever before but at the same time there are few bad effects of internet too on our lives. So, before we move further, we have to educate ourselves on the good and bad effects of the internet.

The good effects of the internet are all those good things that can’t be done without the same. On the contrary, bad effects cover those jobs which we no longer indulge in due to the effect of the internet.

You are allowed to access the internet from every corner of the world and hence it is not just easy but manageable too. In short, we simply can’t imagine our lives without the influence of the internet.

Internet and its uses

Since the time internet came into existence till now, it has completed a highly successful journey and made humans totally dependent on it. During the course of its journey, there have been several changes brought about to it to make it more interactive, responsive and user-friendly.

Every small and big things are there on the internet and even the materials that you need for writing this essay is accessible due to the internet.

Tim Berners- Lee is said to be the father of internet as he was the one who invented World Wide Web or WWW. WWW is used on every website and considering the millions of web pages that are there on the internet, you’ll take ages to go through them.

You can use the internet to teach your students, to learn things, to research on anything, write, share, send and receive emails and explore the internet.

Internet and improved communication

Don’t you think that the internet has made the world easier? There’s no worry about communicating with someone who is sitting oceans apart from you or in a different country.

Gone are those days of writing letters and waiting for an indefinite period of time to receive the reply. Thanks to the internet, that everything is instant these days. Though there can also be telephonic conversations but that is costlier than internet.

While you sit in the US or the UK, you can call your parents in India at an affordable rate through video call apps. You can also chat with them by sending emails or through the real-time messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Using the internet, you can also video call them. This happens to be a viable option as you can clearly see them even while you’re far away from them.

Moreover, you can also get instant updates about everything that is happening in the world. As soon as something happens in the world, you immediately get to know about it.

Thanks to the weather apps that you can also stay informed about the natural calamities at the right time. As a result of this you can take prior precautions to stay safe. Job recruiters also use the internet to hire people. Even the job applications are sent through the internet.

Internet and its influence on entertainment

Internet and entertainment always goes hand in hand as it lets you enjoy everything at the tip of your fingers. Gone are those days when you had to stand at long queues for booking movie tickets.

Thanks to the internet, you can book all your movie tickets through the internet. You can do all these from the comfort of your home. Just as you can book movie tickets, you can do the same with concert and match tickets without the trouble of waiting in long lines.

For all your shopping requirements, you can do that online too. Irrespective of harsh weather or the pandemic situation that we’re living in, you don’t have to go out to get your things.

You can browse through a wide array of products through the internet. From a laptop to a mug, everything is available on the e-commerce stores. There are options to filter your categories as well.

Thus we see that the internet has changed our lives for the better in more than one way. From staying in touch with estranged family members and friends to shopping to paying your bills to watching your favorite web series to listening to non-stop music, the internet has it all.

Make sure you don’t misuse the internet connection as this will have an adverse impact on your lives that will cost you big time.

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