Essay On My Favourite Teacher for Kids and School Students

A teacher is a person who imbibes the sense of learning and inspires us to become good human beings. Perhaps that is the reason they are called our second parents. No matter which standard you study in, you may be asked to write an essay on your favorite teacher.

My Favourite Teacher Essay In English

My Favourite Teacher Essay In English

If you’ve been struggling with what to write about your favorite teacher, we’re here to help you. Read on to know more on how to shape an essay on your favorite teacher.

My Favorite Teacher

It is true when someone told us that teachers are the only ones who plant seeds of knowledge and keep sprinkling them with love. They patiently keep working towards nurturing their growth to produce the students of the future.

The teachers not just impart knowledge but they also teach us the importance of possessing all the moral values. They are our guides, mentors who assist us in making critical life decisions, professional decisions and who also help us lead our lives in the right direction.

Each of us have a favorite teacher whom we have admired since our childhood or whom we’ve come across in our high schools. Our favorite teacher is the ultimate person who inspires us.

They usually have a noteworthy impact on our lives and who help us grow in known and unknown ways. Read on this article to know more on how to write an essay on ‘My Favorite Teacher’.

Framing the Introduction

Now that you’re about to start the essay, you have to begin with your introduction where you speak about the standard in which you study and in which school. Let us guide you on more on writing the introduction.

I am a student of Class XII of a private school which is one of the most reputable schools of our city. My school has more than 1700 students and there are more than 40 teachers in my school who work relentlessly hard to make sure their students pass with flying colors.

While there are several teachers who play their individual roles in my life, there is one particular man who inspires me the most. Among all the other teachers, Mr. Mennon is my favorite teacher and he is our history teacher.

My Favorite Teacher’s Personality

Now that I have told you the name of my favorite teacher, I must go on to share his personality so that you know how and why I am inspired by him.

Mr. Mennon is around 35 years of age, he is a smart and tall young man who also carries a tough look. It will please you to know that he held a black belt in karate. He is a simple man who believes in ‘simple living-high thinking’.

Due to his simple nature, he always wears sober and simple clothes. He has also got extremely pleasing manners which makes him a favorite among many. He not only has experience in teaching history but is also an experienced English teacher.

And He has acquired his masters degree and other postgraduate degrees in both English and History and this makes him an immensely knowledgeable teacher. While he is strict about his discipline, he is also soft-spoken at the same time.

What I like most in him is that he is someone who has never believed in punishing his students physically. Never have I ever seen him punishing his students physically. Instead of that, he tries to maintain proper discipline in class. This quality of his has had a good effect on all his students.

He has a sea of knowledge on English Literature and Indian history and students are awestruck at his perfect command over both the subjects. His way of pronouncing words is perfect and clear.

I am really lucky to get him as my History teacher in my twelfth standard as this is the most crucial year for me. He treats us as his own children and always shows interest in solving all our personal problems.

Reasons why he is my favorite teacher

When he teaches us history in his powerful voice, the classes become extremely interesting. While there are many who feel that history is a boring subject, once you sit in Mr. Mennon’s class, you’ll never feel the same again.

When you listen attentively to his words, you’ll feel as if you’re watching a video. He has had first-hand experiences in traveling to several historical destinations and hence he can give us better examples. Such an experience makes our lessons memorable.

His speeches on history are educative, informative, interesting and full of literary references. While he is sober and serious at times, he is also a humorous person. Due to his immense popularity among his students, there are many other teachers who feel jealous about him.

He once visited the Qutub shahi tombs and Nizam palace of Hyderabad. After he came back, we were amazed to know about the level of information and knowledge that he had gathered from the historical places.

He related to so many nice things about those places and the Mughal generations. Our history chapter that was related to this place became ever memorable due to the first-hand lessons that he imparted to us.

Qualities of my Favorite teacher

He is the one who always told us that having a heart-to-heart talk to a close person and honesty is the best way in which you can strengthen any relation. There were times when I missed doing my homework but if I told him the truth, he would be happy.

He is not someone who sets too many rules in class and hence he gives us lots of space in the classroom.

History turns out to be my favorite subject only because I got him as my history teacher. He expects pin-drop-silence in class when he teaches so that he could focus on the topic that he talks on. He has enough ability to draw attention of the students.

Even after I leave school, Mr. Mennon’s picture will always be there in my mind and heart. His personality and aura is entrenched within my head and heart. I can never forget his idealism in my life.

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