Top 15 MBA Colleges in India

At the point when we discuss top MBA colleges in India, by and large, the IIMs are the first names that come to our minds. Nonetheless, with time, the situation has changed and various other MBA schools come to the list of top MBA colleges in India 2022.

Top MBA colleges in India – List of Best MBA colleges in India

Top MBA colleges in India

The top MBA schools in India incorporate the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), XLRI, ISB, IIT, SPJIMR, FMS Delhi College, MDI, IMT, and some more. The rundown of the main 15 MBA schools is mentioned in this article.

In the event that you are wanting to go for an MBA program, you have a lot of choices to look over. Yet, how much data that you find on the web connected with the Top business colleges in India might overpower and befuddle you.

To assist you with pursuing an educated choice for your profession, we have made a table that addresses the main 15 business colleges in India with their lead program, educational expenses, selection test, NIRF ranking, and normal salary post-MBA.

INDIAN Institute OF Management – [IIMA],AHMEDABAD

In Masters in Administration Positioning 2015, The Monetary Times put IIMA at the fiifth position. College rating is 7.5 out of 10. IIMA offers 2-year Post Graduate Program in Food &Agribusiness Management(PGP-FABM), 2-year Post Graduate Program in Management(PGPM), and 1-year Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives(PGPX).

Fees for PGP-FABM is Rs.7,90,000, for PGPM Rs.91,500, for PGPX Rs. 24,00,000 yearly. Candidates are chosen based on getting great scores in like Common Admission Test, past capability records, and execution in Scholastic Composing Test (AWT) and Personal Interview(PI). Aspirants can pick Graduate Administration Affirmation Test (GMAT) as well.

INDIAN Institute of Management [IIMB], BANGALORE

IIMB had topped the list of best management establishments in India National Institutional Ranking Framework(NIRF) 2016 reported by the Legislature of India. Apart from this, in Eduniversal Rankings it has gained the main business college in Central Asia. This foundation offers 1-year Post Graduate Program(PGP), 1-year Chief Training Program(EEP), 2-year Post Graduate Program in Management(PGPM)

The yearly expenses for PGP is Rs.7,63,636, for EEP is Rs. 18.9 lakh and for PGPM is Rs.8,50,000. Competitors are chosen based on getting great scores in Common Admission Test, past capability records, and execution in Academic Writing Test (AWT) and Personal Interview(PI).


IIM Calcutta has positioned sixteenth in its leader program in the Financial Times Bosses in Administration rankings 2015.IIM-C was positioned ninth by the QS Worldwide 200 Business colleges Report in Asia-Pacific locale for 2012.

The Institute offers a 2-year Post Graduate Recognition course in Business Analytics and Computer-based management streams. Aspirants can likewise get a diploma in 2-year PG Certificate in Management(PGDM) and PG Program in Administration for Executives(PGPX). Besides, 1-year PG Program for Chiefs for Visionary Authority in Manufacturing(PGPEX-VLM) is additionally accessible.


ISB Hyderabad’s PG program was positioned 29 in the world in the 2016 Monetary Times Worldwide MBA Rankings. It is a personal business college in India with campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali.

The school offers a 1-year PG certificate alongside 1-year Post Graduate Program in Management(PGPM), 1-year Post Graduate Program for Senior Leaders (PGPMAX), and 5-year Fellow Program in Management(FPM) courses.

The yearly charges for PG Diploma is Rs.35,14,000, for PGPM Rs.23,53,700 and for PGPMAX is Rs.35,34,000.

INDIAN Institute OF Management [IIM], LUCKNOW

IIM Lucknow has been positioned 6 via Careers360’s Top Public Business colleges in India in 2016. The school rating is 6.9 out of 10. The foundation is perceived as an Establishment of Greatness by the HRD Ministry of India. The Institute offers 2-year PGP, a 3-year Working Managers Program (WMP), a 3-year Chief Individual Program in Administration (EFPM), and so on.

The yearly expenses are charged for PGP is Rs.5,40,000, for WMP is Rs.2,70,000 and Rs. 2,66,667 for EFPM.

XAVIER Labour Relation Institute [XLRI],JAMSHEDPUR

XLRI has stayed reliable among the Main 5 Business colleges in India. It was positioned fourth among the Main 91 Indian business colleges across private and government lines in 2015-16.

The school rating is 7.4 out of 10. XLRI offers 4-year EFPM and FPM, 2-year PG Diploma, and 1-year PGDM courses. The pass-outs of this establishment get situations in presumed public Institutes along with in multinationals.

The yearly expenses are charged for PG Diploma,EFPM and PGDM are Rs.8,40,000, Rs.1,75,000,and Rs. 14,00,000 individually.

INDIAN Institute of Management [IIM],INDORE

IIM Indore stands ninth among all the B-Schools and Best MBA Colleges in India in 2016. The foundation was positioned sixth by Business Today’s 50 Best Business colleges of 2012. The school rating is 6.9 out of 10.

IIM-I offers 1-year Faculty Development Program (FDP),5-year Integrated Program in Management(IPM),2-year Post Graduate Program in Management(PGPM), and 1-year Executive Post Graduate Program(EPGP) courses.

The expenses are Rs.6,50,000,Rs. 1800,000 and Rs. 4,40,000 yearly for PGPM,EPGP and IPM separately.

Lovely Professional University [LPU], JALANDHAR

LPU is set among the best 75 business colleges in India by Outlook and is the biggest private college in India. It has been positioned A++ via Professions 360. The school rating is 6.7 out of 10. It offers a 2-year MBA in different streams, a 3-year Diploma in Business Administration, B.B.A, Integrated M.B.A, and so forth.

To get admission in Intergraded course, competitors need to show up in LPU-NEST(National Entry and Scholarship Test). The complete expenses for it are Rs.3,96,000 The absolute educational expenses charged for MBA is Rs.3.18 lakhs.

Faculty OF Management STUDIES-[FMS], NEW DELHI

FMS positioned 4 in Vocations 360 Top Business colleges in India 2016, while fourth by Outlook 2015 among Indian Best business schools.

College rating is 6.5 out of 10. The Institute offers a 2-year Expert of Business Institute (MBA), a 2-year Expert of Business Institute (MBA Executive). Besides, FMS offers a 2-year PH.D course.

The yearly expenses charged for MBA is Rs.10,000 while for MBA Leader is Rs.50,000. For Ph.D., the expenses are Rs.10,840 each year.

Alliance University [AU], BANGALORE

ASBAU has positioned 29 in Careers360 Top Business colleges India 2016. Alliance School of Business-Collusion University(ASBAU) offers 2-year MBA[1350000],2-year Chief MBA(Part-Time)[650000] and 4-year Ph.D in Management(Part-Time)[395000].

The complete expenses are charged for MBA,Executive MBA and Ph.D in Administration are Rs.13,50,000,Rs.6,50,000 and Rs. 3,95,000 separately.

For confirmation Common Admission Test(CAT), Management Admission Test(MAT) and Common Management Admission Test(CMAT).

INDIAN Institute OF Management [IIMK], KOZHIKODE

IIMK is positioned seventh by Top Public Business colleges in India 2016 via Careers360. The establishment’s school rating is 7.5 out of 10.

Altogether fifteen remotely supported research ventures and 40 little award research projects have been finished during 1997-2007. IIMK offers 2-year Post Graduate Program in Management(PGPM), a 2-year Chief Post Graduate Program(EPGP) et al.

Admissions are finished through the customary affirmation channel in view of the applications got by the Normal Affirmation Test(CAT) led by the IIMs.


JBIMS has been positioned in the list of the Main 10 Business colleges in India. The Economic Times has positioned the establishment ninth in India.

JBIMS offers 2-year Expert in Administration Studies(M.M.S),3-year Master of Financial Management(MFM), and 3-year Master in Marketing Management(MMM) courses. MMS program comprises a few streams. The competitors can pick any as indicated by their situation and legitimacy.

The yearly charges for M.M.S, MFM and MMM are Rs.1,01,750,Rs.51,000 and Rs.51,000 separately.


ISB Mohali’s Post Graduate Administration program was positioned 29 in Monetary Times Worldwide MBA Rankings 2016. It bounced four positions above the Ranking 2015. The school rating is 7.7 out of 10.

The school offers a 3-year board Program for Privately-owned companies, 3-year Post Graduate Program in Management for Senior Executives (PGPMAX), 3-year Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM).

Competitors would need to show up in Graduate Management Admission Test. It is led all around the world by Graduate Administration Confirmation Council(GMAC) for affirmation in business colleges.


SJMSOM positioned top in India’s Main 10 Business colleges in Triumphant Institute of Management Education(T.I.M.E) Positioning 2015. In 2012 positioned third in the ‘Globally known Top B-Schools in India’ review led by Eduniversal.

SJMSOM offers 1-year Expert of Business Institute, a 2-year Expert in Management Studies. Besides, a 3-year PH.D course is likewise accessible in a few streams.

The yearly charges for MBA and Expert of Management Studies are Rs.24,00,000 and Rs. 1,06,126 individually. For PH.D, the charge is Rs.24,000 yearly. The hopefuls need to clear the Common Admission Test(CAT) with better rankings for affirmation.

National Institute OF Industrial Engineering [NITIE],MUMBAI

Ranking 15 in Level 1 Business colleges in India. Moreover, NITIE accomplishes Outlook Ranking 10 and India Today Positioning 12. The famous establishment was previously known as the National Institute of Training in Industrial Engineering.

NITIE offers a 2-year Fellow Program in Management (FPM) and 2-year Post Graduate Confirmation in a few streams. The yearly expenses charged for FPM and Post Graduate Certificate are Rs.9,000 and Rs.3,81,000 individually.

Admission occurs based on the outcome and positioning of the competitor In the Common Entrance Test (CAT). Candidates are chosen from the highest levels.

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