Wonder of Science Essay for Students and Children In English

Everyone, these days, is highly dependent on modern technology and the scientific inventions. Thanks to the advancements in the field of science and technology that the lives of people have gone through a major overhaul.

Wonder Of Science Essay Class 9th,10th,12th Board Exam

Wonder Of Science Essay In English

Life has become easier, simpler and faster than what it was before. Since the time of bullock carts to the modern day vehicles, technology and science has always been put to use in various aspects of life.

Modern day gadgets are able to solve almost all sorts of problems. We see lots of improvements in our daily lives and all of these are possible due to the contributions of science and technology.

For proper development and growth of our country, there should always be a striking balance between technology and science.

We are presently living in an era of science and we are almost dependent on science from the time we get out of our bed to the time we go off to sleep.

All the current developments in various industries are all a blessing of science. Now if you’re someone who has been given the task of writing an essay on the wonders of science, here’s how you should shape it.

Introduction of the Essay

We can’t deny the fact that science is a big blessing for humankind. Without it, the existence of men wouldn’t be as comfortable as it is now. Men have become empowered due to scientific knowledge and information.

In the field of communication, medical science, farming and others, man has witnessed several developments with the help of science.

Can you name few places where you can find science in your day-to-day life? Well, you needn’t go too far as you’ll get many things around you. Here are few examples:

Our daily life and influence of Science

  • Cooking: Conduction, radiation and convection are the mediums through which heat transfers. Hence they are an inseparable part of heat energy. Wherever there is heat, there is ought to be Physics.
  • Vehicles: The process that occurs inside the car to burn fuel (diesel and petrol) is called combustion. This is also something that we study under Chemistry.
  • Food: The food that we eat undergoes a chemical reaction within our body and transfers the particles to energy. This too falls under Biology.

Household gadgets

  • Appliances like mixer leverages centrifugal force to turn the blades in order to churn the food.
  • Scientists and inventors were of the opinion that electrons are able to transfer data and audio pretty soon and so they invented the television. The underlying principle of the television lies under the topic of physics.
  • In case of a refrigerator, when cool liquid is passed around, it absorbs the heat and eventually decreases the temperature. Here too, chemistry and physics are involved.

10 Line Essay on Wonder of Science

10 line Essay on Wonder of Science

  • The thousand of things we use in our daily lives are a gift of science.
  • The invention of electricity led to an civilization.
  • Science has given amazing medicines which give us instant relief.
  • Many vaccinations and medicines have been discovered to protect people from various diseases.
  • The invention of x – rays ultrasonography, ECG , MRL , penicillin , etc. has made the diagnosis of problems much easier.
  • Now , almost every part of the human body can be implanted by surgery.
  • Science has made our journey fast and comfortable; now we can reach any part of the world within a few hours.
  • Science has brought a great change in the way of communication such as mobile and the internet has helped in reducing the distance between people .
  • Many innovations and discoveries help farmers to grow good quality crops.
  • The innovation of printing, typing, binding, online education, etc. have given a boost to our education system.

Wonder of Science – The advantages

There’s no denying the fact that science has definitely changed our lives for the better. But how? Check out few advantages of science.

  • Thanks to latest researches in meal technology, there are new ways of flavoring and preserving food items.
  • There is a wide array of artificial supplies either made of plastic or some other material that have been found to be extremely beneficial within the homes.
  • There’s no question of infant deaths these days as deliveries are done under the strict supervision of professional medical staff. Science has also introduced different vaccines for infants to prevent them from future illnesses.
  • Vaccinations and antibiotics are now able to defend us from all sorts of infectious diseases and health concerns.
  • There is a modernization of drainage system.
  • There is a huge improvement of sanitary conditions. The Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan has promised to make sure all rural area households have toilets.
  • There are mineral water and filtered water bottles that can be used to ensure that the water that you drink doesn’t cause any kind of illness.
  • Transport and commutation has also gone through several improvements.
  • People are gradually eliminating all sorts of superstitions and they are adopting a new attitude towards everything.
  • No longer do people believe that evil spirits cause illnesses and diseases.
  • People have changed to become cosmopolitan and progressive due to the constant research in the field of technology and science.
  • Standard of living has increased with the availability of technology.
  • Life has become stable and easy. Everything that was impossible has become possible.

Wonder of Science – The Disadvantages

  • With the start of industrialization, there came pollution. All vehicles and industries are heavily contributing to different types of pollution – water, sound and air. Harmful toxic gases are spoiling the atmosphere.
  • All sorts of destructive and deadly weapons are also a result of science. Science has given birth to warheads and high-end weapons to humans. These are used for mass killing and destruction even from a distant place. Few such things are hydrogen bomb, nuclear bomb, missiles, poisonous gases and chemical warfare.
  • Men are getting involved in all types of illegitimate activities by using the weapons for destructive reasons.
  • Day-to-day technological gadgets like smartphones and tabs are having an adverse impact on the mind and concentration of children.
  • Terrorism is increasing due to the advanced technological weapons.
  • The development of atom bomb and atomic energy lead to harmful diseases like skin diseases.
  • Vibration caused from a mobile phone can also lead to brain and heart diseases.
  • With the invention of machines and tools, work has become extremely fast. This might have made our lives easier but it has also led to unemployment at a huge rate. Fewer humans are required in a work when there are machines to do everything.
  • Natural beauty is also decreasing due to modern technology.

Science was immensely advantageous during the initial phase of scientific discoveries. But now it has turned out to be terrible for humans as it is leading to mass destruction.

We are presently living in an era where humans are dependent on science but are also facing the vices of the same.

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