Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in UP (Uttar Pradesh) in 2022

Stamp Duty in UP is a fundamental part of property exchange in UP. Whenever a property changes hands, the imperative stamp duty in UP and material enlistment charges should be paid to the State government. The installment of the stamp duty in UP guarantees that the property exchange is appropriately registered in government records.

What Is Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges in Uttar Pradesh

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in UP

While enrolling property in Uttar Pradesh, it is required to pay the stamp duty and enlistment charges that are exacted by the Uttar Pradesh state government. Payment of stamp duty in UP guarantees that the property is lawfully enlisted. In UP, it is obligatory to enlist any exchange including an immovable property that surpasses Rs 100 in the sub-recorder office under Section 17 of the Uttar Pradesh Registration Act 1908.

Stamp duty is a lawful tax that is payable during the buy or offer of a property. The expense paid is utilized to enroll the property in the buyer’s name and legitimize the property proprietorship. The stamp duty and enrollment charges shift from different states. By and large, around 5-7 % of the property’s reasonable worth is charged as stamp duty, and around 1% of the property’s fairly estimated worth is forced as a registration charge across territories of India.

Rates of Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in UP in 2022

The stamp duty charges are exacted as per the circle rates chosen by the organization. Circle rates are those rates below which a property can’t be enrolled. These rates are likewise called ‘Ready Reckoner Rates’ in certain states. Every territory has fixed circle rates which are forced by the public authority. The property ought to be enrolled at a worth equivalent to the circle rate or above it. The stamp duty and enrollment charges forced by the public authority are:

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in UP in 2022
GenderStamp Duty in UPRegistration Charges in UP
Joint (Male + Female)6.5%1%
Joint (Female + Female)6%1%
Joint (Male + Male)7%1%

Stamp Duty in UP for Different Deeds in 2022

Apart from the property enlistment, the State administration of Uttar Pradesh demands stamp duty on the registration of various types of deeds. A portion of the famous deeds and material stamp charges in are-

Stamp Duty on Various Deeds
Deed DocumentStamp Duty Charges in UP
Gift deedRs 60-125
Will DeedRs 200
Exchange deed3% of the Transaction Value
Lease deedRs 200
Agreement DeedRs 10
Adoption deedRs 100
Divorce DeedRs 50
BondRs 200
AffidavitRs 10
Notary DocumentRs 10
Special Power of Attorney (SPA)Rs 100
General Power of Attorney (GPA)Rs 10-100

The most effective method to pay Stamp Duty Online in UP

To guarantee a consistent property registration process, the UP government has carried out an innovation-supported computerized framework. The homebuyer should transfer all the property-related documents on the web and pay the relevant stamp duty. The sub-registrar confirms the reports and issues the stepped declaration.

The stamp duty in UP can be paid online by following the underneath referenced strategy –

Stage 1: Enter the authority site of the Uttar Pradesh Stamp and Registration Department.

Stage 2: Click on the ‘Apply’ button under the ‘property registration’ on the left.

Stage 3: Create an application number by choosing the New Registration option.

Stage 4: The framework will be diverted to a structure. Enter the details, for example, city, region, unit size of the property, and so on.

Stage 5: In this step, Pay the pertinent stamp duty charges.

When the reports are transferred and the stamp duty in UP is paid, the records transferred will be confirmed by the Sub Registrar Officer and the registration document will be produced. The candidate can download the enrollment record.

How to Calculate Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in UP?

Allow us to comprehend with an example, how stamp duty and enlistment charges in the UP are determined.

Mr. Brij has purchased a property for Rs 90 lakh in Lucknow, so he should pay stamp duty and enlistment charges to finish the property enrollment.

Stamp duty in UP is 7% of registration value and 1% of registration value is enrollment charges. Thus, the absolute estimation will be as underneath:-

  • 7% of Rs 90 lakh= Rs 6,30,000
  • 1% of Rs 90 lakh= Rs 90,000
  • Total= Rs 7,20,000

The most effective method to apply for stamp duty withdrawal in UP

The IGRSUP entrance allows a client to pull out the submitted stamp duty. A client can apply online for stamp duty recompense on the IGRSUP entry (igrsup gov in). Here is the itemized technique to apply online for withdrawal of stamp duty on IGRSUP portal.

Stage 1: Visit the authority IGRSUP entrance (IGRSUP login) at

Stage 2: After IGRSUP Login, hit the ‘Stamp Vaapsi Hetu Aavedan’ button (Withdrawal of stamp duty on IGRSUP) tab. The accompanying screen will be shown.

Stamp refund on IGRSUP

Stage 1: If you are a first-time client and applying for a stamp duty discount on IGRSUP, click on the ‘New Register’ button.

Stage 2: The accompanying window will spring up.

Stage 3: Fill in the details like Mobile Number, Password, District, and Captcha Code and Click on the Sign-in button. You can now apply for the stamp duty discount in UP.

Stage 4: If you have proactively enrolled on the portal, you need to tap on the Pre-register tab.

Stage 5: Now, you should fill in certain details, for example, Application Id, Captcha Code, and password, and the stamp duty discount status in UP will be shown on the PC screen

Along these lines, the stamp duty refund in UP can be applied on the IGRSUP site. This stamp duty discount office has empowered the web-based application for stamp duty discounts and saves valuable time for the overall population. It has likewise guaranteed straightforwardness and proficiency in the refund system of IGRSUP.

What has to be done if Stamp Duty in UP and Registration Charges are not Paid?

As indicated by the Indian Stamp Act 1899 and Registration Act 1908 it is required for a property purchaser (whose property is for more than Rs 100). In the event that such charges are not paid, the registration of the property won’t be substantial, you won’t be the legitimate proprietor of the property. With that, you may likewise need to suffer a consequence. The punishment can be 2% each month and the greatest 200% of the shortfall sum.

Stamp duty and registration charges in UP during Coronavirus Pandemic

The UP government told new stamp duty rates on property registration fees in February 2020 and different transactions under which the greatest cap of Rs 20,000 on the exchange was eliminated. The enlistment charge is determined at 1% of the absolute registration value. For instance, in the event that the property is enlisted at Rs 1 crore, Rs 1 lakhs will be collected as registration charges.

Because of the pandemic, lodging deals had endured, and thus the UP RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) and NAREDCO (The National Real Estate Developers Council) mentioned the government to diminish the stamp duty and registration charges to urge homebuyers to put resources into land.

The decrease likewise assisted the developers with clearing the unsold stock. The UP RERA mentioned the adjustment of stamp duty and enlistment charges in the wake of noticing comparable moves made in states like Maharashtra and Karnataka to help property deals. In any case, there was no choice taken by the UP government on diminishing the stamp duty and enrollment expenses.

Stamp Duty in UP Contact Details

For any complaint or on the other hand, assuming you really want additional data, you can contact on the accompanying location:-

Office Address: Stamps and Registration Department, Second Floor, Vishwas complex, Vishwas Khand – 3, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, 226010.

Inspector General Registration, Stamp Commissioner office is in Prayagraj. The address is Revenue Council Building, Civil Lines Prayagraj.

Contact number:0522-2308697, Fax-0522-2308697


Definitively, the stamp duty in UP is a compulsory charge and should be saved when the property is sold. The payment of stamp duty and enlistment charges guarantees legitimate enrollment of the property in Government records and refutes the possibilities of a lawful or Title dispute at a later stage.


  • Could I at any point pay stamp duty online in UP?

Indeed, you can pay the stamp duty online.

  • What is the registration charge on property buy in UP?

Purchasers need to pay 1% of the property estimation as the enrollment charges in UP.

  • How much is stamp duty in UP?

The stamp duty is 7% for male homebuyers and 6 percent for females.

  • How is stamp duty determined?

Stamp duty is charged on the ready reckoner rate/market esteem/circle rate or the considered worth of the property, whichever is higher.

  • How might I diminish stamp duty on my property?

One of the ways of saving stamp duty charges is to enroll the property in the name of a woman.

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