Stamp Duty in Haryana for Property Registration 2022

To turn into a lawful proprietor of property in Haryana, whether it is either a new property or a transferred property, enrolling with the Haryana government is compulsory. The registration process includes records accommodation and installment of stamp duty and enrollment charges.

Stamp Duty for Property Registration Charges in Haryana 2022

Stamp Duty in Haryana for Property Registration

The stamp duty in Haryana fluctuates for various transactions; the expenses are differently available for purchased Deed and for Mortgage Deed. In this article, we cover everything about the stamp duty in Haryana, similar to reports expected for enrollment, the online registration cycle, and significantly more.

Stamp Duty in Haryana 2022

Following are the stamp duty charges in Haryana for different reports :

Documents  Urban Area  Rural Area  
Gift Deed5%3%
Sale or Conveyance Deed7%5%
Exchange Deed8% of the property value or market value, whichever is greater6% of the property value or market value, whichever is greater
Loan AgreementRs 100Rs 100
Partnership DeedRs 22.50Rs 22.50
General Power of AttorneyRs 300Rs 300
Special Power of AttorneyRs 100Rs 100

Stamp duty charges in metropolitan regions are higher in Haryana; for instance, the charges are higher for Gurgaon and less for Tigaon. Additionally, to promote women homebuyers, the Haryana government has kept stamp duty charges less for females. There is a distinction of 2% among male and female stamp duty charges.

Jurisdiction Male Female Joint 
Urban Area7%5%6%
Rural Area5%3%4%

Registration Charges in Haryana 2022

Prior, Rs 15,000 was collected as enlistment charges. In 2018 the state government changed the enlistment energizes to Rs 50,000. These new charges are exacted on documents like gift deeds, sale deeds, lease deeds, trade deeds, partition deeds, collaboration arrangements, contract deeds, settlement deeds, and sale certificates.

Property value Registration charge 
Up to Rs 50,000Rs 100
Rs 50,001 to Rs 5 lakhsRs 1,000
Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhsRs 5,000
Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhsRs 10,000
Rs 20 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhsRs 12,500
Rs 25 lakhsRs 15,000
Rs 25 lakh- Rs 40 lakhRs 20,000
Rs 40 lakh- Rs 50 lakhRs 25,000
Rs 50 lakh-Rs 60 lakhRs 30,000
Rs 60 lakh-Rs 70 lakhRs 35,000
Rs 70 lakh-Rs 80 lakhRs 40,000
Rs 80 lakh-Rs 90 lakhRs 45,000
Rs 90 lakh and aboveRs 50,000

Reports Required for Property Registration

To enroll a property, documents are expected to turn into a lawful proprietor of the property-few. Keep in mind, while enlisting the property, every one of the papers aside from wills ought to be submitted to the sub-recorder office somewhere around four months after the date of execution according to Section 23 of the Registration Act, 1908.

  • Sale deed
  • Identity verification of vendor and purchaser PAN Card, Ration Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License
  • Address verification of seller and purchaser
  • Society from No-objection certificate (NOC)
  • Identity proof of two witnesses
  • Map of building or plan
  • Digital photo of property format
  • Proprietorship confirmation Copy of evaluation of Mutation or unique deal deed.

The most effective method to Calculate Stamp Duty in Haryana

The stamp duty is determined in light of the circle rate of the territory where the property is arranged. For the most part, the property is enrolled at the worth of the circle rate or higher than the circle rate. The property purchaser can really take a look at the stamp duty on the Jamabandi Haryana site.

Check Circle Rate in Faridabad

  • To compute the stamp duty, you need to go to property enlistment and then click Stamp Duty Calculator. Presently, enter the Transactional Value, and click one choice between Within MC or Outside MC. Select Gender and tap on Calculate.
  • Whenever you have determined the stamp duty to be paid, you should get a stamp paper. A stamp paper can be purchased truly by going to the sub-enlistment center’s office or utilizing a franking technique. Likewise, you can get the e-stamp paper on the e-stamp platform.
  • You should simply visit the e-stamp stage and register yourself on the site. From that point onward, payment can be made on the web or disconnected.

Pay Stamp duty in Haryana Offline

You can pay stamp duty in Haryana offline as well. First and foremost, purchase stamp papers from the depository office. You can undoubtedly purchase stamp papers for more than Rs 10,000. How much stamp paper must be submitted to the State Bank of India (SBI) under head ‘0030-Stamp and Registration’. Whenever this is finished, you should go to the sub-enlistment center’s office to present the stamp paper.

How to Book a Slot for Property Registration in Haryana

A home buyer ought to book a space for enlistment on the Jamabandi site post the e-stepping. The strategy to book opening is as per the following:

  • On the Jamabandi site click on Property Registration and select Check Deed Appointment Availability.
  • Enter the details like District, Tehsil, and For Next (N) Days. Click on search to check accessibility.
  • The purchaser, the vendor, and two observers ought to go to the sub-enlistment center office to finish the enrollment cycle on the day the opening is reserved.

Strategy for Registering a Property Deed

To enroll the property deed in Haryana, follow the beneath given steps:

  • Stage 1: Go to the authority site of Jamabandi. Presently, click Deed Templates to download the formats under the Property Registration Menu Bar
  • Stage 2: Once you have downloaded the deed layout according to your necessity, fill in all details in the deed.
  • Stage 3: Visit the Sub Registrar’s office on the chosen date and time. The enlistment assistant will advance the deed to the Sub-Registrar.
  • Stage 4: When the sub-enlistment center denotes the deed, the information will be brought, and the deed will be gotten into the HARIS-it is a land record coordinated framework.
  • Stage 5: During the enlistment cycle in HARIS. The official will refresh every one of the details of the vendor and purchaser, e-stamp paper details, and exchange charges. From that point onward, a continuous photo will be caught.
  • Stage 6: Now, the Sub-recorder official will regularize the deed by getting the Biometrics of the purchaser and seller. Then the land vault will be imprinted on paper, and it is given to the two players. Likewise, the Tehsil office transferred it to the Jamabandi site.

Tips for Stamp Duty in Haryana

Prior to paying the stamp duty, you ought to remember the accompanying elements:-

  • An enlisted property ought to be stepped previously or inside the following working day of enrollment. On the off chance that a property is outside the area, it tends to be stepped in three months or less.
  • Execution of property implies when the purchaser and dealer have endorsed the property papers for the exchange.
  • A stamp paper ought to host the name of the multitude of gatherings engaged with the exchange.
  • A stamp paper ought not to be more established than a half year from the exchange date.
  • Likewise, you can pay the stamp duty in Haryana through cement stamps. At the execution time, the glue stamp is taken out so as not to be reused.

What needs to be done in case of a Delay in Stamp Duty Payment?

As per Section 23 of Registration Act 1908, a weighty punishment will be forced on the off chance that stamp duty in Haryana isn’t paid on time. The charges can be to multiple times the enlistment expenses. Every one of the reports in the state, with the exception of Will, ought to be enlisted in something like four months from the date of execution.

Contact Information: Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Haryana

In the event of any question or any additional data, you might contact the complementary number-1800-180-2137.

Most recent Information on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Haryana

Haryana saw a 47% development in income assortment from stamp duty and enlistment charges in Haryana. A noteworthy ascent was seen in stamp duty and enrollment charges gathered from the selling of lofts.

End to Stamp Duty in Haryana

Presently we know the significance of property enlistment and paying the stamp duty in Haryana. Paying stamp duty is made required under an arrangement of the Indian Stamp Duty Act 1899. The stamp duty in Haryana ranges between 5%-8%; the charges change in view of archives like Sale or Conveyance Deed, Exchange Deed, Loan Agreement, Partnership Deed, and Gift Deed. The enlistment energizes in Haryana are Rs 50,000, contingent upon the property’s cost. Presently purchase an e-stamp advantageously at the e-GRAS stage. In the event that you are not happy with the web-based strategy, you can likewise buy stamp paper and pay charges offline.


  • What is the stamp duty rate in Haryana?

As of now, the stamp duty rate in Haryana for Gift deed is 5%, available to be purchased or Conveyance deed it is 7%, and for Exchange deed, it is 8% of the property estimation. These stamp duty charges are just material in the Urban area of Haryana, and for the rustic region, the stamp duty charges shift.

  • How is stamp duty determined in Haryana?

The stamp duty is determined based on the circle pace of the region where the property is found. In the event that the property’s rate is higher than the circle rate, all things considered, the purchaser should pay higher stamp duty.

  • What occurs assuming the stamp duty charges in Haryana are not paid?

In the event that the stamp duty charges in Haryana are not paid, the reports of the property won’t get enrolled in Government records.

  • What are the enlistment charges in Haryana in 2021?

Prior to the enlistment charges were Rs.15,000; in any case, in 2018 the public authority of Haryana changed the enrollment charges in Haryana to Rs.50,000.

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