Leadership Essay for Students and Children In English

Were you asked to pen down an essay on leadership? No matter which standard you are in, leadership is a very common topic among teachers. Teachers often prefer this topic as they want their students to learn more on leadership and become greater leaders in future.

Short Essay On Leadership In English

Essay On Leadership

Now if you’re wondering about what to write in your leadership essay, you’ve landed on the right page. We will help you with the things that you should write down in your essay on leadership skills.

Who is a leader and what is leadership?

Leadership is said to be the unique quality of being able to lead a group of people. This is one of the most important qualities that you may ever possess in yourself. Had it not been for leadership, the human civilization could never have progressed.

If you don’t have minimum leadership skills, you can never let a group or an organization or a company to succeed. Not all possess this quality and hence they need to be trained to become good leaders in life.

Becoming an effective leader – What qualities do you need to possess?

Now that you’re interested in becoming a great leader, are you aware of the ultimate skills that you need to possess? Let’s check out the qualities that can make you a leader.

  • Confidence: Firstly, you need to have confidence in order to become a leader. A leader should have enough self-confidence and if a person lacks this, he can never become one. Unless the person is confident about himself, how will others follow him? He should show confidence in all his actions and decisions. Seeing him, people will also start feeling confident about following the right person.
  • Inspiration: If you have to be a good leader, you should know how to inspire others. In other words, the leader has to be the role model for all the people who follow him. He should have the capability of motivating others whenever it is required. A leader shouldn’t lose hope even in tough situations. If he is hopeless about things, how can he ever inspire others?
  • Honesty: One more noteworthy quality of a leader is honesty. Integrity and honesty are two qualities without which you can never earn the trust of your followers. Unless people know that you’re honest, you can never win their attention. In case of any leadership instances, whenever there is a breach of trust, that leader is bound to become unsuccessful. People won’t work with you if they find you to be an immoral leader
  • Communication skills: If you want to become a good leader, you need to have great communication skills. With poor communication, you’ll send the wrong message to all those who love and follow you. Not only that, proper communication will also heighten the rate of work that you do and at the same time, mistakes and errors will diminish.
  • Decision-making: This is another quality of a leader without which it is tough to become a leader. A leader who makes poor decisions will have to suffer for his deeds. Unless you’re able to make right decisions, you won’t be able to help your group attain success. When the leader makes wrong decisions, the efforts of the followers will all go in vain.
  • Innovative: A leader should also display his creativity in the works that he does. He must have a creative bent of mind as without this it is tough for him to move forward with his goals. Unless you’re innovative and keep doing new things, there’s no guarantee of survival of any group. You can never progress if you’re not creative.
  • Clarity of mind: A leader also requires having clarity of mind. The decisions that he takes is based on the goals, intentions and objectives. The leader might be subject to several obstacles that he may face during his journey but still he shouldn’t lose focus from his goal. When the person has clarity of mind, this also increases his confidence.

10 Lines on Leadership essay

  1. A leader is that person who has clarity of mind and makes proper decisions.
  2. A leader isn’t always someone who will be loved by his followers. Rather he is a person who will try to do all the necessary things without having to please everyone.
  3. The civilization couldn’t have ever evolved without the support offered by leaders of several generation.
  4. A sense of motivation and self-confidence are the most vital traits for a leader.
  5. There is a difference between a leader and a manager. The leader sets the rules and the manager is bound to follow them.
  6. A leader always has followers and enemies.
  7. A leader is similar to a statesman as they both have long term vision as well as noble intentions.
  8. Tough times give you the best opportunity to test your leadership qualities.
  9. A leader is able to inspire his followers by his speeches, background, ideologies and persona.
  10. The greatest leaders of the world have been both loved and hated by many.

Real Life instances of Leaders

  • One of the best examples of a leader was Mahatma Gandhi. He was a preacher of truth and a believer of non-violence. He made Britishers leave India through his leadership skills.
  • Another noteworthy leader was Abraham Lincoln. He abolished slavery in the US. As a result he too had too many enemies but he was a stalwart of self-confidence.
  • Sir Winston Churchill was yet another patriot. He was the man who led the World War II and he was also immensely inspirational. And He motivated Britain to combat against Nazism of Germany. He had the courage of encouraging the whole country during a hopeless time.

Therefore, it can be concluded by saying that leadership is a quality that is required in almost all spheres of life. Leadership opens up doors of opportunities.

On the other hand, poor leadership will guarantee you failure. So, try being a good leader who has the capacity of making the world go round.

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