Essay On Dog for Students and Children In English

We can’t deny that dogs are one of the best companions for humans. Dogs are domestic animals and they are mammals. The scientific name for a dog is Canis lupus familiaris.

Essay On My Pet Dog for All Class In English

Essay On Dog

Dogs are omnivorous animals and they have been the best companions for humans since 40,000 years and they can be tamed. Dogs are the most loyal animals and they ensure that your house is safe once you keep them as pets.

Were you asked to write an essay on this four-legged animal? No matter which class you study in, you may be asked to write down an essay on the best friends for humans.

If you’re wondering about the points to cover, we’re here to help you out. Read on to know about the points that you should cover in your essay.

Dog is a Pet animal

Dogs have been kept as pets. They have very sharp teeth with which they can eat flesh. They have two ears, four legs, two eyes, a mouth, a tail and a nose. Dogs are extremely smart animals and they can be extremely useful in catching thieves.

They run very fast, bar and can also attack strangers. Hence, if you keep a dog at home, you will be always be warned by them when strangers are there at your doorstep.

A dog is immensely faithful towards his master and it can go to any extent to save the life of its master. If the master falls in trouble, before anyone else, the dog will definitely come to its rescue.

Dogs are found everywhere all over the world. They are not only faithful but they also possess a sharp mind. They have a strong sense of smelling and hearing. Dogs have other qualities like jumping from heights, swimming and a sharp sense of smelling.

Dogs come in different breeds – Names of few

As dogs love their master unconditionally, they are often called man’s best friend. Here are the names of the most popular dog breeds.

  • Beagles: Beagles are highly intelligent and friendly dogs. It is one among the most adorable pet dog breeds you can get in the world. It has short hair with a hard coat that extends up to medium length.
  • German Shepherd: They are touted to be an all rounder in the kingdom of dogs. German Shepherds are loyal, curious, courageous and intelligent. As they are an active breed, they require lot of physical activity.
  • Boxer: This is also an intelligent sporty dog which can be trained pretty easily. Boxers are the best guard dogs that you can keep. It has a large body, strong jaws and square muzzle.
  • Labrador Retriever: Labradors are too friendly and they can be the best companions for a family. They have great social skills with humans and neighbor dogs and this is the highlight of their breed.
  • Pug: Pugs are the best for apartment dwellers and small households. Although pugs shed a lot, their hair fall is comparatively low. You don’t require bathing them unless they fall in some mess or play in dirt.

Why are dogs important in our lives?

A dog has a strong sense of smell and humans love them due to their faithfulness towards them. They are watchful, wise and intelligent. Dogs come in several colors like white, grey, red, black and brown. They come in different breeds as discussed above.

Dogs usually eat meat, fish, milk, rice and bread. They are often called canines and are referred as man’s best friend due to their loyalty towards their owners.

If you feel stressed, depressed, anxious or lonely, all you have to do is engage in a good round of play with them. Play with them or run around as this can not only improve your cardiovascular health but also the health of your pet dog. Dogs are great companions for the seniors.

As dogs are extremely loyal, they will do nothing to leave their master. Regardless of the fact that your master is a beggar or a poor man, your dog will never leave his master. Dogs wait for their owners to come back home and once he comes back, they jump and rush to them to show them their love.

Dogs are humans’ best and honest friends who are ready to die to save their masters. On seeing a stranger or a thief, they will bite that person instantly. You can therefore be easier to secure your house and keep it safe when you have a dog. Dogs are the best to provide security to their owner 24X7.

A dog’s life span

The most unfortunate fact about dogs is that their lifespan is really small. They live for a maximum of 12-15 years and this too depends on the size of the dogs.

Smaller dogs, they say, live for a longer span of time. A female dog will reproduce babies and feed their puppies and this is why they fall under the category of mammals.

The baby of a dog is called a pup or a puppy and the home of a dog is called a kennel. Dogs are usually characterized as per the service that they provide to people.

For example, there are herding dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, guide dogs, police dogs and sniffer dogs. They have a strong sense of smelling and hearing and they assist the police in arresting thieves, murderers and dacoits. The army even trains dogs in such a manner that they can detect bombs.

Where are dogs needed?

Airports, schools, borders and police stations can employ detection dogs. Terriers, hounds and dachshund are known to be the most popular hunting and tracking dogs. These dogs can be trained to be the ears, eyes and retrievers of their human owners.

Therefore, if you wish to get a companion in life, get a dog. Dogs are much more faithful than fellow-humans and hence it is better sharing your home with them. You give them love and they’ll give you their life to protect you against all odds.

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