Computer Full Form

Coincidentally, a computer isn’t an abbreviation and is the name of an electronic gadget.

A computer is a straightforward machine that we can program for a ton of intelligent and number-crunching capacities, and it executes our work as per our guidelines.

Full Form of Computer | What is Computer

Computer Full Form

In straightforward words, a computer is an electronic gadget that makes our work simple, and any computer that has been modified for some arrangement of tasks plays out that undertaking or works rapidly and accurately.

As COMPUTER is definitely not an Indian word, so often individuals need to know its full type, and many individuals utilize Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technical and Educational Research as a full form of COMPUTER.

Charles Babbage is known as the father of COMPUTERs, he fostered the arrangement of the scientific motor in 1830, which later came to be known as the COMPUTER.

What is a COMPUTER?

A COMPUTER is an electronic gadget that plays out our fundamental assignments as indicated by foreordained guidance.

The COMPUTER is equipped for putting away information, rolling out important improvements to it, and giving information on request once more.

Today, plenty of our important tasks are finished with the assistance of COMPUTERs, like composing a report, messing around, sending messages, perusing the web, and so on

You will be shocked to realize that our versatile has additionally turned into a smaller than normal COMPUTER, and for that reason today the portable can do a large number of our significant errands at the same time.

Significant Parts of Computer

A COMPUTER is comprise numerous fundamental parts that we can place into two classifications: programming and equipment


Every one of the actual pieces of a COMPUTER is called COMPUTER equipment, for example, console mouse screen and so forth


It is one of the main illustrations of a COMPUTER, and the COMPUTER’s processor is joined to the motherboard itself.

The port for associating a wide range of info and result gadgets is additionally situated on the motherboard itself.


The CPU, or at least, the focal handling unit, is likewise called the brain of the COMPUTER or processor, it processes every one of the information and conveys the necessary outcome.

Today most COMPUTERs and laptops on the planet have Intel processors and Intel’s most exceptional processor is i9.


RAM is likewise called random access memory, all that we do on the COMPUTER is saved money on the RAM around then, and afterward, the data gets deleted when the COMPUTER is shut.

Hard drive

A hard drive is important for a COMPUTER where we can save any essential data until the end of time.

The working arrangement of the COMPUTER is likewise introduced on this hard drive.

Software of a computer

Discussing the software parts of a COMPUTER, the main software is the OS of the COMPUTER, the working framework itself plays out the important errands with the assistance of various kinds of equipment.

Aside from this, we can introduce any product on our COMPUTER as per our prerequisite, for example, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Powerpoint, Photoshop, and so forth.

The most renowned working framework is Microsoft’s Windows which is utilized in around 83% of the world’s COMPUTERs, the second most well-known OS is Apple’s Mac OS.

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