Stamp Duty and Registration Charges For Property in Maharashtra

Stamp duty in Maharashtra is required on property transactions across the State. Stamp duty and enrollment charges in Maharashtra are charged under the Maharashtra Stamp duty Act.

To ease homeownership and give a lift to the land area in the midst of the monetary emergency brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government of Maharashtra has diminished the Stamp Duty in Maharashtra to 2-3% of the property estimation. In any case, from April 2021, the stamp duty in Maharashtra has been restored.

Most Recent News: In a new turn of events, the Maharashtra Government has chosen to gather 1% ‘Metro Cess’ in four urban communities of Mumbai, Nagpur, Thane, and Pune. This would build the stamp duty charges by 1%. Albeit this choice was to be executed in February 2019, it was conceded because of the Coronavirus pandemic and resultant difficulties. The asset so created will be utilized to finance transport infrastructure projects in these urban areas.

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Maharashtra

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Maharashtra

Total Stamp Duty in Maharashtra incorporates Stamp Duty, and extra expenses as follows:

In metropolitan regions falling under Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council limits, there is a cess/transport overcharge/neighborhood body charge payable. This is 1% of the property estimation and is expected to be utilized for subsidizing transport foundation projects in the urban areas like Metros, spans, flyovers, and so on

In rustic regions which fall under Gram Panchayat and are not under the purview of any Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council, this cess/overcharge is supplanted by Zilla Parishad cess. This cess is likewise payable at 1% of the property consideration value.

An extra additional charge of 0.5% is appropriate for regions falling under the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) wards. This is more than or more than the 1% cess/overcharge payable.

Stamp Duty in Maharashtra in 2021

After 31st March 2021, as the economy has begun to balance out, the Stamp Duty has been reestablished to 5% of the property estimation for Mumbai and 6 percent until the end of the State, as relevant until 31st August 2020.

Mumbai and its suburbs: 5 percent

Other metropolitan areas of Maharashtra: 6 percent

Rustic Maharashtra: 4 percent

How much rebate was made in Stamp Duty in Maharashtra lately?

A decrease of 3% in Stamp Duty pertinent till 31st December 2020, and 2% till 31st March 2021 for Mumbai (city and rural regions).

A decrease of 2% in Stamp Duty relevant till 31st December 2020, and 1.5% till 31st March 2021 for any remaining regions in Maharashtra.

A decrease of 1% in cess/overcharge/nearby body charge till 31st December 2020, and 0.5% till 31st March 2021 for all areas in Maharashtra.

Be that as it may, the 1% Metro cess in Mumbai and 0.5% additional charge in Nagpur has not been decreased.

These rates are appropriate from first September 2020 to 31st December 2020. The Stamp Duty payable from first January 2021 to 31st March 2021 would be 3-4% of the property estimation.

After 31st March 2021, the stamp duty rates are supposed to be in the scope of 5-6%, until any further declaration by the State government.

How does this decrease influence purchaser?

At 5-6% of the property estimation, the Stamp Duty brings in up a lot of cash to be paid forthright while purchasing a house. It may not appear to be critical in reasonable regions, yet in regions, for example, Mumbai and Pune where property costs are high, it has a significant effect.

For example, for a property in Mumbai costing Rs 1 Cr. The stamp duty payable was Rs 5 lacs (5% of Rs 1 Cr) until August 2020. Presently after the decrease, the stamp duty payable on a property worth Rs 1 Cr. is Rs 2 lacs till December 2020, and Rs 3 lacs till March 2020. This outcome in reserve funds of up to Rs 3 lacs.

Stamp duty in Maharashtra: Online Payment (Step-by-step)

The recent framework for the payment of stamp duty in Maharashtra was revised to empower online payment of stamp duty. Here is the bit-by-bit manual for paying stamp duty in Maharashtra on the web.

Stage 1: Login to the Maharashtra Stamp Duty Online Payment entry, i.e.,

Stage 2: Click on the Pay Without Registration’ bill on the landing page.

Stage 3: Click ‘Make payment to Register your documents’. Here you have the choice of paying the stamp duty and enlistment charges together or just stamp duty/registration charges.

Stage 4: Once you pick the choice, you should fill in the details, for example, area, Name of the Payer, PAN number, property details, and property estimation details and continue for payment.

Stage 5: Choose the payment technique and produce the challan as it will be expected at the hour of execution of the Deed.

Stamp Duty in Maharashtra on Gift Deed, Lease Deed, and Others

As per the Maharashtra Stamps Act 2017, the State of Maharashtra would exact a stamp duty of 3% of the property estimation, in the event of a Gift Deed. Be that as it may, in situations where private or rural property has been gifted with next to no payment to the relatives, the stamp duty on gift deeds in Maharashtra will be Rs 200. Also, the following duties are pertinent to different deed instruments in Maharashtra

Tax Savings on Stamp Duty in Maharashtra

Personal Tax allowances can profit under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act against the Stamp Duty, cess/overcharge, and registration charges paid. Nonetheless, the absolute derivation permitted under Section 80C is restricted to Rs 1.5 lakh.

Stamp Duty in Maharashtra is an expense payable on enlisting an authoritative report with the Government. Stamp Duty is relevant on different records including Property deal arrangement, and Leave and License (tenant contract, among others. The Stamp Duty in Maharashtra is normally in the scope of 4-7% of the consideration value referenced in the record. This pace of Stamp Duty fluctuates from one state to another. A few states give concession in Stamp Duty to ladies.

For property deal reports, Stamp Duty is payable on the thought worth of the property referenced in the archive, or the circle rates (likewise called Ready Reckoner rates) as concluded by the public authority whichever is higher. Payment of Stamp Duty for enlisting property is compulsory under Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899.

Stamp Duty in Maharashtra Refund

The Maharashtra Stamps Act 2017 makes an arrangement for the discount of the stamp duty in Maharashtra. The stamp duty in Maharashtra can be discounted in the accompanying cases-

  • Situations where an individual whose mark is fundamental downfalls to sign or is dead prior to marking.
  • In situations where someone is involved with the stamp paper record won’t sign it.
  • For the situation where a party doesn’t satisfy the fundamental agreements.
  • In situations where the worth of the stamp is lacking, and the exchange was finished by utilizing another stamp paper with the suitable worth.
  • In situations where stamp paper is torn, parties included have executed an alternate stamp paper record for a similar reason.
  • In situations where the stamp paper is a nonconformist for utilizing attributable to composed blunders
  • In situations where stamp paper is unsigned/not marked, and data-filled (complete/fractional) is expected not to be utilized.
  • The situations where a stamp paper is marked however the exchange is unlawful (According to Section 31 of the Specific Relief Act).
  • In situations where a legitimate court pronounces the exchange completely unlawful all along (Void/stomach muscle/initio)

Stamp Duty in Maharashtra: Apply for Refund Online

To get the stamp duty discounted in Maharashtra, follow the beneath referenced advances. To get the stamp duty discounted in Maharashtra, you should fill in the accompanying details:

Stage 1: Login to the accompanying entrance,

Stage 2: Click on the checkbox to acknowledge the agreements beneath and click on ‘New Entry’.

Stage 3: Enter Mobile Number, OTP, and manual human test code.

Stage 4: Enter the token number, make a password, and enter a confirmed password.

Stage 5: In the subsequent stage, fill in the individual details, account number, and record details. In the accompanying advances, fill in subtleties and continue for a discount of the stamp duty in Maharashtra.

Definitively, Stamp duty in Maharashtra is required on property exchanges across the State. Stamp duty rates in Maharashtra in 2021 were changed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, stamp duty and enlistment charges in Maharashtra 2021 were reestablished to the past system.


  • What are the stamp duty rates in Mumbai?

As of now, stamp duty rates in Mumbai are 5% of the property estimation as per the prepared reckoner rates.

  • What are the registration charges in Mumbai?

The registration charges in Mumbai are 1% of the complete worth of the property exchange.

  • Is stamp duty and enlistment charges in Maharashtra 2021 diminished?

The stamp duty and enlistment charges in Maharashtra 2021 were decreased till March 2021 and restored from April 2021.

  • How are stamp duty charges determined in Maharashtra?

Stamp duty charges are determined by the prepared reckoner rates in Maharashtra.

  • Imagine a scenario in which stamp duty charges in Maharashtra are not paid.

In the event that stamp duty charges in Maharashtra are not paid, the property documents won’t be enrolled in Government records.

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