Rajasthan Land Tax Payment Online @ egras.raj.nic.in

The residents of India ought to make good on property tax or land charges yearly or half-yearly. The Rajasthan government has sent off a web-based gateway that is Government Receipts Accounting System (eGRAS) through which individuals can without much of a stretch cover their property tax.

Alongside property tax, individuals can pay different expenses on eGRAS that produce income for the public authority. The public authority involves this cash in different plans like training, framework, medical care, and others. The property tax is exacted by the Municipal Corporation which is represented by the Urban Development Tax Department of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Land Tax Payment

How to pay Rajasthan charge through eGRAS

Individuals in Rajasthan can undoubtedly pay their charges at the solace of their homes as it is digitized and made on the web. Follow these straightforward moves toward paying taxes –

  • Login to eGRAS site
  • Register on the gateway by filling in the necessary details. The enrolled clients can check the last 10 exchange details.
  • A visitor record can be utilized by unregistered clients to sign in to the gateway. In any case, the unregistered clients can’t take a printout of the payment receipt and check past payment details.
  • A profile should be made by choosing the spending plan heads, and divisions, for example, Department 86 to make a good ashore charge.
  • Fill in the e-challan details and pay to utilize on the web payment choices. Individuals can choose the manual payment choice too. One needs to visit the bank to make the payments in the event of manual payment.
  • Post payment the e-challan can be downloaded and printed. E-challan contains the GRN (Government Reference Number) and CIN (Challan Identification Number) ID’s which affirm the payment.

Proprietors of property in India are supposed to cover an immediate duty, like property tax, all through their responsibility for undaunted resources. This payment should be made by the proprietor to the neighborhood bodies, through the web or disconnected channels. In this article, you will actually want to comprehend how to pay the property taxes in Rajasthan through the Online Government Receipts Accounting System (e-GRAS). Other than land tax, any remaining exchanges or duties that comprise the public authority’s income, can be paid through the e-Gras gateway.

Bit by bit manual for paying land charge through e-Gras Rajasthan

Stage 1: Visit the authority site of e-Gras. (click here). On your right-hand side, you will see the ‘sign in’ area. On the off chance that you are another client, you should make a record. There are various details you would be expected to fill in, to enlist on the entryway. This incorporates name, orientation, contact details, conjugal status, address, TIN/Acct number/vehicle number/Tax ID and a security question that will keep your account secure.

Stage 2: Create a profile. Select the necessary financial plan heads from the rundown of spending plan heads, which have a place with the concerned division.

Stage 3: Next, select the office. On account of payment of land charge, pick division 86, which is the enlistment and stamps office. Pick the depository code and information in different details like the workplace name, Government Receipt Number or GRN, bank name, and the sum.

Stage 4: Once you present the details, the challan interaction will begin. You should fill in the e-challan details now. This incorporates locale, office name, depository, year, spending plan head, sum, kind of payment (manual/e-banking), name of the bank, remitter’s name, PIN, address, and some other additional details on the challan.

Stage 5: You can see the challan and take the printout for reference. To present the equivalent challan with minor changes you can utilize ‘Rehash’. The printable duplicate of the e-challan will be produced with both the novel IDs (i.e., GRN and CIN) at the bank’s site, affirming the payment from the remitter’s/payee’s record.

Commonly asked queries

What is the distinction between two kinds of clients?

An enrolled client has his/her own profile and will have the office to get to/view his past exchanges however non-enlisted clients can’t utilize these kinds of offices.

Might I get an additional copy of the challan created on eGRAS Rajasthan site?

Indeed, you can get additional duplicates from your record on eGRAS, by tapping visible/Pdf choice.

Might a payment at any point be made for the years which are excluded/showed in the rundown of monetary years in eGRAS ?

Indeed, you can make payment for such years by choosing the choice ‘One Time’ given in the rundown of the financial year.

What compels exchanges interesting on eGRAS Rajasthan site?

Transactions made on the eGRAS site are novel, because of the GRN, CIN, and challan numbers. Also,in the instance of any question, one can statement the GRN number and bank name, for exchanges made through eGRAS.

To protect your record, update your profile with the most recent data. Likewise guarantee that you change your passwords occasionally. Never uncover your client ID and password and it is suggested that you utilize your own ID, as opposed to utilizing a visitor account.

How is land tax determined?

Specialists utilize various strategies for property tax computation. Land tax is determined by considering a few elements, including the area of the land, region or size of the land, proprietor’s age, orientation, and exceptional discounts and offices accessible at the site, as given by the neighborhood specialists.

Rajasthan Budget 2021

Introducing the Rajasthan state financial plan for 2021-22 in the gathering, boss pastor Ashok Gehlot cut the DLC rates by 10% and decreased the vault rates for flats evaluated up to Rs 50 lakhs to 4% from the current 6%. To give help to those overloaded by the Coronavirus pandemic, no new expenses were forced by the same token. Agriculture, well-being and training were the need areas in the financial plan declarations.


What does how much land tax rely upon?

It relies upon different elements, like the specific area of the land, size/region of the land, the orientation of the proprietor (as female proprietors are given limits), and age of the proprietor (senior residents are offered refunds) and offices gave by the local authority.

Could I at any point pay noncharge income tax through e-Gras?

Indeed, assortment of duty/non charge income occurs through e-Gras.

What is the full type of GRN?

GRN is the Government Reference Number (GRN) which is made for every single exchange.

What is the eGras Rajasthan helpline number?

Residents can contact on the accompanying helpdesk number: 01415111007, 01415111010.

What is e-GRAS ?

e-GRAS (electronic government receipts accounting system) implies online application to store all sort of Rajasthan

State government receipts utilizing this site.

Who can utilize this site?

Any client, who needs to store government receipts, can utilize this office. The client might be a single individual, name of association, entity, government/semi-government units, divisions, and so forth.

What kind of clients build up to the site ?

To office this site, there are two sorts of clients specifically

  1. Non Registered clients
  2. Registered clients

Why should I register?

  1. Simplicity of activity and comfort
  2. Office is accessible on 24×7 premise
  3. One can store in the interest of the firm, organization and others
  4. On-line payment of duties (No more lines and pausing)
  5. On-line Filling of single challan structure least fields of the challan should be filled. The greater part of the fields is populated naturally.

How is to be shown the records on screen assuming records surpass (>10) most extreme no. of records ?

You can utilize “Search Option” given in your login screen and get quite a few records by choosing the particular time span.

What all points are to be taken care of while getting ready challan through eGRAS ?

1: Use of unique characters ought to stay away from.

2: Don’t utilize separators like “,” , or ‘- ‘ and so forth.

3: Fill values for every single compulsory field.

4: Check all qualities prior to completing the interaction.

Could I at any point utilize the recently entered data?

Indeed, you can utilize it by utilizing the “Rehash” choice given in your login screen.

Might I at any point get a rundown of all transaction created through eGRAS ?

Indeed, you can get it by utilizing the pursuit choice with a particular time span.

How would it be advisable for me I get smooth administrations on eGRAS ?

1: Update your record profile with the most recent data.

2: Change your password as often as possible.

3: Use your own client ID on eGRAS as opposed to utilizing Guest Account.

How might I change my password?

First login and afterward select the “Change Password” choice under the menu “Record.”

What data would it be a good idea for me I supply to raise a question about my transaction?

Continuously supply GRN number and Bank name to start questions about the exchanges made through eGRAS.

Which fields make the exchange interesting at eGRAS site?

GRN, CIN and Challan numbers are the fields that make the exchange novel at eGRAS.

What is the difference between two kinds of clients?

An enrolled client has his own profile and he needs to the office to get to/view his past truncations, however, non enlisted clients can’t utilize this kind of office.

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