Essay On School Annual Function Day for Children’s and Students

If you’re still studying in your school, no matter which class you belong to, you always stand the chance of being asked to write an essay on annual day function.

This day is probably the most awaited day of the year as it helps you celebrate the achievements of the entire year. Every school year marks its end with this annual school day function and this is why students look forward to this day.

School Annual Day Function Essay

Essay On School Annual Function Day

If you too have been told to write an essay on annual school day function, you needn’t fret as we’re here to guide on how to write an impactful essay on the aforementioned topic. Read on to know more.

Shaping the Introduction

The annual cultural day happens to be the most important day for all educational institutions. This is the day on which students get the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in front of a huge audience.

Usually, this function is held on a Saturday as parents find it easy to attend the function. On this day, eminent personalities from respectable backgrounds are invited as the chief guests for the special evening.

Every year, our school observes this annual function day in the month of January. On this day, the principal of our school delivers an annual speech where she speaks about several different important topics.

Annual Function Day – 10 short lines on this day

  1. The annual cultural function day is held every year in my school.
  2. It is a day of immense joy to the students.
  3. On this special day, there are several competitions that are organized among which essay writing, debates, acting, drawing and recitations are done.
  4. This year we celebrated Annual day on the 5th of January.
  5. We decorated our school with lights and colors.
  6. A stage was made in front of the school building.
  7. Large numbers of seats were arranged for parents, guests and students.
  8. The District Collector was the Chief Guest of this occasion.
  9. He was the one to give away prizes and awards to the students and he also spoke few valuable words.
  10. A short drama was performed by the students at the end.

The Annual Function Day

There’s no doubt when we say that the annual function day is one of the most anxiously awaited occasions of every school. A week before this day arrives; you can sense the immense joy, excitement and hurried activities all over the school premises.

The students who are supposed to perform on stage and the winners of awards and prizes are usually the ones who are mostly excited.

Not only that, even the students who aren’t actively involved in the annual function directly are also happy. This is because it is a no-study day and the school is filled with fun, frolic, pomp and valor.

Preparing for the Annual Function day

The preparations for this annual function day begin way ahead of time as there are several acts that need to be perfectly rehearsed before the arrival of the actual day.

Thanks to this occasion, the school gets a total face-lift as the classrooms are cleaned, there are charts on the chart boards carefully made by the students. There are charts also displayed on the walls of the classroom that share moral messages to all.

The decorations are all done in order to impress the guests, parents and above all, the revered Chief Guest. The main venue of the annual school day function is decorated with balloons, nice write-ups, lights and banners.

The regular practice session of the different cultural programme is another vital feature of preparing for this day. Few of the classes on our daily routine are bunked in order to squeeze out time for rehearsal before the final programme is staged on the assigned day.

The students who particularly participate in drama, dance and other music programmes are usually asked to stay back for longer rehearsals.

The students who have come out first in academics and other inter-school or inter-class competitions are also asked to practice for the day. This is done beforehand so that they know how to conduct themselves on the actual day.

This is done through a mock-session of the step-by-step programmes of the actual day. The Head Boy of our school is also asked to write a speech, under the constant supervision of his teacher.

The arrival of the long-awaited day

When the final day for the Annual School Function finally arrives, everyone seems to be running around the school premises for their own reasons.

They actually go through a hectic schedule since they have the pressure of successfully conducting this entire programme so that the guests and parents are proud of the school.

Everyone, including the teachers, students and the principal seem to be highly excited as well as worried about this special day.

Those who happen to be a part of the on-stage programmes, are the ones who usually tremble with fear and excitement. The remaining students help in arranging the stage and they look forward to spending a fun day.

With the arrival of the Chief Guest, the school band starts playing. He is accompanied by a reception committee that include Managing Committee members. The teachers, principal and students are also a part of that committee.

The final speeches

To start off, the principal delivers a speech where he welcomes the Chief Guest and highlights the school’s performance in the board examinations. The Chief Guest along with the Principal presents the awards that the student won in different extra-curricular activities.

The Chief Guest delivers all sorts of speeches and his speech is followed by the speech of the Head Boy. He thanks the Chief Guest for accepting the invitation and for everything that he conferred to our school.

The function ends with the School anthem as well as the National Anthem. By the time it is late evening, our school campus stands illuminated and proud. We, the students, feel proud that we could complete the annual function successfully.

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