Morning Walk Essay for Students and Children

We live in an era where our lives are controlled by microorganisms like the Coronavirus. Something that we can’t see with our naked eyes has the power of changing our lives for good.

We have been confined to our houses and we are under the constant fear of falling sick due to the virus attack. Illness, mental disorders, mental tension and poor health are always surrounding us and making our lives more complex than ever.

Essay, Paragraph Or Speech On “A Morning Walk”

Morning Walk Essay In English

Amidst all this, taking proper care of our health becomes imperative. Unless we engage ourselves in some form of exercise like morning walk, we can’t fight such virus attacks. If you’ve been asked to write an essay on morning walk, we are here to help you with the points that you should cover.

Walking – When is the best time to go out for a walk?

Majority are of the opinion that it is a healthier option to rise up as early as 4 am in the morning and go out for a walk. It is true that the best time to go out for a morning walk is after a person wakes up. It is vital that you don’t drink or eat anything before you go out for a morning walk.

What kind of a place should you walk in? It is definitely better if the place of walk is an open ground with lots of greenery as you tend to get maximum oxygen from such places. Other worthy places are gardens, parks, green belts etc as they have a nice environment which is perfect for your morning walk.

As long as the pace of your walk is concerned, it shouldn’t be too fast or too slow. Try to keep a moderate pace. Avoid any kind of conversation during walks as these are nothing but distractions.

Morning walks are great for improving your health and also the main organs of your body. Not only that, morning walk also enhances the functionality of each and every system of your body, whether the nervous system or the digestive system or the reproductive system.

After a whole night’s sleep, majority of the organs of the body remains at rest but when you walk in the morning, it revitalizes them.

Walking also removes the feeling of a full stomach and eliminates all sorts of tiredness from your body. The fresh air also freshens up your soul, mind and body. This is why doctors recommend the patients to go out for a morning walk due to the great result of this exercise.

Morning Walk – Why is it important?

We have heard an age-old adage since our childhood that says – ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’ If you think this is only a saying, you’re wrong as this is a statement that is 100% true. When you go out for a morning walk, it actually makes you wise and healthy.

Brisk walking can also enhance the state and shape of your body and safeguard you from grave diseases. Morning walks make sure there’s equality among all who walk together.

Above everything else, when you walk everyday in the morning, it energizes you, motivates you and lets you avoid all kinds of laziness. All these create an optimistic mindset and improve the condition of your heart.

You will also become swift in whatever you do and hence planning your daily schedules will become easier. As per several researches, the best time for going out for a walk is during the latter half of the afternoon, that is somewhere between 3 pm and 7 pm.

How I go out for a morning walk

My mother has always taught me the importance of taking care of my health. This is why I go out for a morning walk everyday. Earlier my father used to take me out for a walk in the morning but now that I have grown up, I go out with my friend who stays near my house.

He also happens to be my classmate. When he doesn’t come for a walk, I go alone. I wake up early at 5 am in order to get the fresh air during a walk.

We both go out for brisk walk and we walk alongside the road that takes us to the outskirts of the city. As we walk, we are welcomed by the cold morning breeze, the splendid morning sun and the chirping of birds.

The entire scene is filled with shady golden light and I must say that it is a rather too poetic experience that we get everyday.

While we walk for some distance, we take a pause and also race for some distance. We also have a nice park nearby where we often take off our shoes and walk bare-footed on the grass. I personally love this experience as the soft dews touch my feet and give me a cool feeling in the morning.

Our morning walk takes a little less than an hour as we get back by 6am. After I return home, I feel extremely refreshed and energetic. It gives me a happy feeling with which I start my day with highest level of energy.

I can’t end this without mentioning that a morning walk session has a great impact on your body and mind which stays throughout the remaining day.

Benefits of Morning Walk

We have all come across the phrase ‘Health is Wealth and this is why we should inculcate this habit of walking every morning. Here are the benefits.

  • The early rays of the morning sun are good for your skin and health as it is rich in Vitamin D.
  • When you walk, your body remains fit and healthy.
  • The fresh air of the morning is also effective for breathing purposes.
  • If you walk bare-footed on the dewy grass, this is great for proper blood circulation.
  • Walking reduces obesity.

Therefore, morning walk should be something that all should include in their daily life. This should be a lifestyle change that you follow throughout your life.

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