Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme Maharashtra (MKBS)

In April 2016, the Maharashtra government has begun another plan for the girl child across the state in particular Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Plan.

Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme – All About MKBS Maharashtra

Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojna

After the Rupashree Prakalpa in West Bengal and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme in Focal, the Maharashtra state has shown a drive to empower the girl child schooling and personal satisfaction of a lady by presenting this plan. The said scheme has supplanted the old plan specifically Sukanya, which began in 2015.

Name of schemeMazi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojana
Launched inMaharashtra
Launched byDevendra Fadnavis
Original date of announcement2016
Re-launch schedule2019
Target beneficiariesFemale children
Original brand ambassador for the schemeBhagyashree
Supervised byMaharashtra Women Development Department
Financial Assistance50 Thousand

Majhi Bhagyashree Kanya Yojana 2022

Under this plan, just two daughters of the same person in Maharashtra will be given the advantage. Under Majhi Bhagyashree Kanya Yojana 2022, guardians should get sterilization done within 1 year after the birth of a girl and it is obligatory to have sterilization done in something like a half year after the introduction of the second girl child.

Under this plan, earlier below poverty line families (BPL) whose yearly pay depended on Rs 1 lakh. Qualified for Maharashtra Majhi Bhagyashree Kanya Yojana 2022. As indicated by the new strategy, the yearly pay of the young girl family under this plan has been expanded from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 7.5 lakh. The groups of Maharashtra whose yearly pay is Rs 7.5 lakh will likewise be qualified for this plan.

The objective of MKBY 2022

As you realize there are many individuals who think about girls as a burden and kill girls and don’t permit girls to study further. Considering these issues, the Maharashtra Government has begun this Maharashtra Majhi Bhagyashree Kanya Yojana 2022. It has been finished through this plan to work on the proportion of girls, stop sex determination, and female feticide. Through this MKBY 2022, promote girls toward schooling and change the pessimistic reasoning individuals of the state. To make the eventual fate of girls brilliant through this plan.

Key elements of the Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree

  1. Increase in rate of female education – Families frequently quit education for female kids halfway to control costs. As the state government will make plans for meeting the future scholastic requirements, guardians will never again need to stress over this. It will emphatically affect the general female education in the state.
  2. Overall advancement of female applicants – Monetary help for the monetarily needy families, from the Maharashtra government will guarantee the appropriate consideration of female youngsters.
  3. Total monetary guide – The plan draft features that the state government will move Rs. 50,000 in the financial balance assuming that the family decides on just a single female child. On the off chance that several have two girl children, then the Maharashtra government will store Rs. 25,000 for the sake of both the female child independently.
  4. Decreases the sex ratio gap – The sex ratio in the country and remote regions is a reason for worry for the government. With the execution of this plan, guardians will never again consider their girls to be a burden. The monetary help will clear the way for the appropriate childhood for the girls.
  5. Awareness about family planning – Just those families will be qualified to achieve the monetary advantages in the event that the guardians settle on tubectomy or vasectomy after the second child. It will wipe out the possibility of the introduction of a third child.
  6. Withdrawal of interest – on the off chance that the families need some financial support for the turn of events and training of the girls, then, at that point, they can pull out just the gathered interest sum. It must be done when the girls become 6 years of age or complete 12 years old.
  7. Withdrawal of the cash – It has been referenced in the plan that recipients will actually want to pull out the whole aggregate from their separate ledgers when they achieve the legitimate age of 18 years.
  8. DBT in bank account – The scheme draft features that all money-related help will be moved straightforwardly into the bank account of the recipient. Be that as it may, the bank account should be opened for the sake of the female youngster and the mother. These records should be opened in state-run banks.

Qualification criteria and documents needed for application

  1. Financial criteria – The plan draft likewise features that on the off chance that the general family pay of the guardians, on a yearly premise, crosses the 7.5 lakh mark, then, at that point, the competitors will be banished from getting the advantages under Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojana. In this way, intrigued parents should furnish their family income certificate.
  2. Residents of the state – The Maharashtra government should dish out as much as 200 crores for the fruitful execution of the plan. Consequently, just legal and extremely durable occupants of this state will get monetary help. All candidates should present a copy of their private verification.
  3. Birth certificate – The parents should join a duplicate of the birth testament of the girls. The birth certificate won’t just offer data about the name, age, and address of the youngster, however, will likewise assist the public authority authorities with keeping records without any problem.
  4. Applicant of kid homes – Unfortunate and needy girl children, who end up in the kid care homes, will likewise be qualified to achieve the advantages of this plan. The cash will clear the way for their total training and strengthening.
  5. Medical records of parents – Either the mother or the dad of the candidate should select operations, which will kill the possibility of the introduction of a third child. The submission of tubectomy or vasectomy medical procedure certificates needs to be given from a revered clinic, and this is an unquestionable necessity.
  6. Bank record details – As all payments will be made through Direct Benefit Transfer, candidates should have dynamic bank accounts. The record number, bank and branch name, branch code, and address should be submitted alongside the application structure.
  7. Bonafide certificate – Aside from this, all intrigued applying guardians should likewise present a bonafide declaration.

Advantages of Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojana

  • The advantage of this plan will be given to two girls in a family.
  • Under the Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Plan 2022, a joint account will be opened for the sake of the recipient young lady and her mom in the Public Bank and both will get mishap protection of one lakh rupees and an overdraft of 5000 rupees.
  • As per this arrangement, if as per the arrangement, after the birth of a girl child, family arranging (sterilization) is finished. So Rs 50,000 will be given by the public authority.
  • In the event that after the introduction of 2 girls complete the family planning. So 25-25,000 Rupees will be given to both by the public authority.
  • Under the Majhi Bhagyashree Kanya Yojana 2022, the sum given by the state government can be utilized for the instruction of the girl child.
  • To empower an ever-increasing number of groups in Maharashtra to exploit this plan, the public authority has expanded the yearly family pay limit from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 7.5 lakh.
  • As indicated by this plan, it will be compulsory for the guardians of the girls to go through sanitization in the span of 1 year of the introduction of one girl child or a half year after the birth of another girl child.

How to apply and get an enlistment report?

  1. All candidates should go through the offline enlistment method to present the enrollment form.
  2. There is no authority site, through which one can fill in and present the documents. Nonetheless, intrigued up-and-comers should tap on the link: to get their hands on the PDF enrollment form.
  3. They can tap on the particular button and download this form. After this, they need to get a proper printout of the multitude of papers.
  4. Once this is finished, applicants can fill in the essential boxes with subtleties, and connect the expected records for historical verifications.
  5. After this, the bundle of papers should be submitted to the particular power.

There isn’t a lot of mindfulness about the security and support of female youngsters in the rustic regions. With the execution of this venture in country as well as metropolitan regions, individuals will be aware of the advantages, presented by the state government. Women should never be considered less than men. In the event that girls get appropriate schooling, childhood, and open doors, they can get extraordinary things done in the expert area.


Plans like this guarantee that ladies are something like men. With the execution of such a plan in provincial and metropolitan regions, security is given to the fate of the female youngster and the dependability of her nurturing in the right hands. The Maharashtra government through this plan has vowed to deliver every one of the vital changes in the existence of a girl child to guarantee her general happiness.

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