Himbhoomi: Check Land Records in Himachal Pradesh @ himachal.nic.in

Himbhoomi has been made to give Himachal Pradesh Land Records (Jamabandi Nakal) online. It is created by the NIC and the Revenue division of Himachal Pradesh.

Himbhoomi Online Portal – Himachal Pradesh Land Records

Himbhoomi Online Portal

Land records perceived both as Jamabandi Himachal and Fard can be found utilizing khasra, khewat, and khatauni data online at the Himbhoomi HP portal. You can visit the Himachal Pradesh Himbhoomi site https://himachal.nic.in/ for check the land records online in Himachal Pradesh.

Key Details About Jamabandi Himachal – HimBhoomi Land Records

Following are the vital details of Jamabandi Himachal:

Name of the portal: Himachal Pradesh, Department of Revenue

Other name: Jamabandi Himachal or Himbhoomi

Website link: himachal.nic.in

Overseen by: Department of Revenue

Contact details: Directorate Of Land Records,

Block No 28, SDA Complex, Kasumpati Shimla H.P.

The vital goals of Himbhoomi Jamabandi Himachal Pradesh entrance are to:

  • Digitize land records of Himachal Pradesh
  • Assist with diminishing property frauds and scams
  • Land records can be checked on the web
  • Circle rates can be seen
  • Apply for division of land

How to Check Land Records on the Himachal Pradesh Website

Follow the straightforward strides beneath to check the land records. You can likewise visit your nearby Tehsil office to get an endorsed duplicate of the land record for a specified fee payment.

  • Stage 1. Visit the official site of Himbhoomi HP and snap on the ‘View land Record’ choice at the lower part of the site.
  • Stage 2: You will be diverted to another page of ehimbhoomi.
  • Step 3: On the diverted page enter the data like area, tehsil, town, and the extended period of jamabandi.
  • Stage 4. Enter the captcha and click on OK.
  • Stage 4: Now, jamabandi Himachal Pradesh land records will be shown

How to Check the Status of the Application of Land Record on Himbhoomi

If you have any desire to get one more duplicate of land record in Himachal Pradesh or know the situation with your use of land record, play out the following steps:-

  • Stage 1: Visit e-himbhoomi site
  • Stage 2: Click on View Land Records
  • Stage 3: You will be diverted to another page
  • Stage 4: You can basically enter your application number to acquire the data in situations where you have proactively applied to get land records.
  • Stage 5. Fill in khewat, khatauni, and khasra. Enter email address, mobile number, and captcha code and click on OK.
  • Stage 6: The diverted page will show jamabandi details.

How to Check Circle Rate in Himachal Pradesh on Himbhoomi

The Circle Rates in Himachal Pradesh are accessible for eight regions in Himachal Pradesh. Land exchanges connected with circle paces of your Village can be determined on the web. Circle costs are retrievable from any Tehsil/Kanungo circle/Patwar circle/locale town.

  • Stage 1. Visit the official site and snap on the ‘View Circle Rates Of Your Village And Calculate Duties For Land Transactions’ tab.
  • Stage 2: Enter locale, tehsil, town, patwari circle, region type, and other proper details and snap ‘Continue’.
  • Stage 3: The circle rates will be shown on the diverted page.

Circle Rate in Himachal Pradesh

Following is a rundown of circle rates in a portion of the significant locale of Himachal Pradesh:-

Shimla: Rs 6972-Rs 17917

Solan: Rs 280-Rs11730

Kangra: Rs 227-Rs 15422

Kullu: Rs 174-Rs 10608

Mandi: Rs 156-Rs 20080

How to Apply for Mutation on Himbhoomi Portal?

A resident can likewise apply for mutation on the Himbhoomi portal. Mutation of property implies that the new land owner gets the right to the property and these records will be recorded in the land income division of the metropolitan organization. Here is an interaction to apply for mutation on the Himbhoomi portal:-

  • Stage 1: Visit the authority site of Himbhoomi
  • Stage 2: Click on Mutation Request
  • Stage 3: Enter the expected details for name, email id, and mobile number, enter captcha code and afterward click Submit
  • Stage 4: Now, you can apply for change by finishing up the application structure and tapping on Submit.

How to Check Mutation Status on Himbhoomi Portal?

Mutation of property in Himachal Pradesh can take time, so you can really look at the status every once in a while. To check the situation with change, you should play out the accompanying steps:-

  • Stage 1: Visit the authority site of Himbhoomi
  • Stage 2: Click on Mutation Request
  • Stage 3: Enter the mobile number under the area Check Online Mutation Request
  • Stage 4: The status of your mutation request will be shown on the screen

Himbhoomi Mobile App

You can get to HP land record data on your telephone by introducing a portable application from the Google Play Store. On a cell phone, it is easy to get land records data. Adhere to the guidelines to download the app to your telephone.

  • Stage 1. On your Android telephone, go to the Google Play Store.
  • Stage 2. Introduce the mHimBhoomi app on your telephone or tablet.
  • Stage 3. To get to the land records on your telephone, open the app and enter the expected data.
  • Stage 4: Click on View Jamabandi by Khewat/khatuani/khasra/proprietor name
  • Stage 5: Enter details like tehsil, town, jamabandi year, and report type. Click on View Jamabandi
  • Stage 6: You can likewise download a pdf of jamabandi Himachal Pradesh by tapping on View/Download PDF

View Land Bank of HP Government on Himbhoomi HP

To see a land bank of the HP government on the Himbhoomi HP portal, play out the accompanying steps:-

  • Stage 1. Go to the Himachal Pradesh income office’s site, https://himachal.nic.in, and click on the tab marked “View Govt Land Bank.”
  • Stage 2. On the following page, fill in the details like region, tehsil, sort of land, and proprietor to get details.
  • Stage 3. The accompanying page shows the details you are searching for.

How to File Demarcation Request in Himachal Pradesh

You can document outline demand in Himachal Pradesh by following the below-mentioned steps: –

  • Stage 1: Go to the Himbhoomi portal
  • Stage 2: Click on Demarcation and present the digital request. In the web-based demand, you should give justification for division
  • Stage 3: Once you present the solicitation, check the situation with the application utilizing an affirmation number.
  • Stage 4: Once, the application is submitted, the concerned Tehsil or Sub Tehsil will analyze the application
  • Stage 5: Later, a division date will be fixed by the Field Kanungo, in the event that every one of the necessary reports is submitted. Then, at that point, Field Kanungo will submit an online consistence report to the Tehsil/Sub Tehsil

Himbhoomi Contact Details

For additional data contact on the accompanying details:-

Directorate Of Land Records,

Block No 28, SDA Complex,

Kasumpati Shimla H.P.

Phone: 91-177-2623678

Email: [email protected]


Himachal Pradesh’s land record has become smoothed out through Himbhoomi site. You can check jamabandi Himachal, circle rates. Additionally, you can check land records on the mHimbhoomi portable application. This office makes it more advantageous to actually take a look at the records, in any event, when in a hurry. For any data, you can approach 91-177-2623678 and send a mail [email protected].

Check circle rate in your town

Stage 1: Log on to the Himachal Pradesh income division site https://himachal.nic.in and click on the ‘View Circle Rates Of Your Village And Calculate Duties For Land Transactions’ tab.

Stage 2: Fill in the details including locale, tehsil, town, patwari circle, region type, and so forth on the page that shows up straightaway, and press ‘Continue’.

Stage 3: The following page will show the details you look for.

Get circle rate on cell phone

Go to Google Playstore and download the application ‘HP Circle Rates’ to get the Himachal Pradesh circle rate on your cell phone.

Tips to come by quicker results

Weighty in size, government sites frequently get some margin to load and show results. You would rather not delay the cycle by looking for key insights regarding the land or the property you are searching for when you start the inquiry. Thus, having all the property connection data is helpful in advance. Likewise, ensure that you key in every one of the numbers and different details accurately.


  • How might I check my land record in Himbhoomi?

Visit the authority site and look down to the lower part of the page to the View Land Record choice. Enter data like region, tehsil, town, and jamabandi year on the diverted page. Click OK in the wake of entering the captcha code.

  • How might I get a map of my property in Himachal Pradesh on Himbhoomi?

The authority HP Bhu Naksha website page can be viewed here. The region, Tehsil, and The Village are a portion of the details you can browse. In the wake of giving every one of the details on the land guide of Himachal, you will get total data in light of the data recently recorded. In the wake of choosing the Khasra number, the land data will show up on the right half of the site.

  • What is the Khewat number as per land records in Himachal Pradesh?

The record number is given to proprietors in Himachal Pradesh, who structure a gathering of co-sharers, who own the land to equivalent or changed extents is known as the Khewat number, or ‘KHATA NUMBER’ by income authorities. Accordingly, it very well may be deciphered as the record number relegated to different Khewat owners of Himachal Pradesh.

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