Essay On Value of Oxygen and Water for Students and Children

There’s no denying the fact that the human beings need several things in order to survive. Among them, the most important things are definitely water and oxygen as these are extremely necessary for the existence of human beings.

Nevertheless, humans have taken both air and water for granted and hence they have started polluting both of these too fast. In fact, there are several human activities that are making both oxygen and air to gradually deplete.

Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth Essay

Value of Oxygen and Water

The connection between water, oxygen and our life is strong where life cannot exist without the former but the former can exist without life. Human survival totally depends on the oxygen that they breathe and the water that they drink.

We have come up with many ways in which we can use both of these for other reasons apart from survival. While the dearth of water and oxygen in our body is harmful, its excess presence can also damage the organs.

Oxygen and its Value

Oxygen is one of the primary gases that are present in the atmosphere of the Earth. The Oxygen accounts for 22% of the air that is present in our ecosystem. For proper respiration, oxygen is necessary for humans and animals. Plants suffer from lack of oxygen during night time.

Basically, oxygen is an odourless and colorless gas that forms a part of different compounds like water. Human beings, along with several other mammals are in need of oxygen for respiration. Not only that, they need oxygen for carrying out daily tasks and for the proper functioning of the body.

The cells present inside our body also needs oxygen in order to function in a proper manner. The living beings inhale this gas in order to make their lungs function properly for causes like respiration. Once the lungs absorb oxygen, the cells absorb this gas in order to disburse it evenly among the other cells of the body.

The human body also stores oxygen for emergency purposes so that it can survive on its own during crucial situations.

During daytime, the plants and trees breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen and this is the process of maintaining the right proportion of oxygen in the air.

For proper functioning of human body, it is important to have the right amount of oxygen as this is what works as a fuel for the body. Right amount of oxygen keeps the body energized.

Furthermore, apart from producing energy, oxygen also helps us do our daily tasks in an efficient manner. The food that we eat or the liquids that we take in gets converted into energy due to this oxidation process. This also benefits in repairing all the cells of the body and maintaining proper health.

Hence, we have to make sure we get sufficient supply of oxygen from Mother Nature. In order to maintain the right balance, we should make sure trees are not cut and there is a significant reduction in deforestation. Plant more trees  and try your best to not pollute the environment and hamper the quality of oxygen that we breathe in.

Water and its value

One more thing that is necessary for the existence of living beings on earth is water. Water is mainly used for purposes like drinking and it is also vital for the health of human beings, plants and animals.

Without water, removing waste materials from the body would get extremely difficult. Water is also necessary for the proper functioning of brain cells.

In short, it can be said that water is one of the most essential sources for the proper survival of human beings. In fact, it would rather be an understatement to say that we can survive without water. Water is made up of both oxygen and hydrogen and hence its chemical name is H2O. Just as Oxygen, water is also odourless and colorless.

On planet Earth, water is found in abundance and lack of water in the other planets is the main reason why there is no life in them. The water and the different forms that you find on this planet is safe for consumption of humans.

Though we all have been using water for several centuries now, it is gradually getting limited. Water can definitely be replenished but this too takes a lot of time.

Just as oxygen, water is also vital for the living beings to exist. Each part of the body, even the cells and tissues require water for functioning properly. It also helps in regulating the temperature of the body and for improving blood circulation all through the body parts.

One more use of water is that water is extremely vital for lubrication of the joints. The digestive system of our body requires water for its proper functioning. The more water you drink in a day, the more toxins your body will flush out. This is why fitness experts recommend you to drink more water in order to be able to lose weight.

The cells inside our brain also need water to function properly. Overall, we should drink sufficient amount of water, approx 3-4 litres in a day to lead a healthy life.

The right level of water intake will help you stay fit for a longer time period. We have to drink enough water to lead a fit life for a longer period of time.

Children should be sensitized and made to learn about why they should take care of water bodies and keep them clean. Parents should teach their kids about the different ways in which all sorts of tasks can be obtained.

The government of the various nations throughout the world should take the initiative of coming up with plans of conserving water and reducing pollution levels in their own countries.

Although the water and air resources are important, they are somewhat limited. Hence, you should learn how to preserve both air and water by not polluting them. Keep planting more trees so that you get enough oxygen throughout your life.

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