Essay On Life for Students and Children In English

In life, all of us are always subject to different types of challenges, impediments and obstacles. Some of these challenges shape us into who we are or who we should be in life. On the contrary, there are times when things are opposite.

Short Essay On Life – LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Short Essay On Life

Life is full of ups and downs. There will be days of struggle and there will be bad days too but you shouldn’t get negative about it. Bad days are those days that never seem to end. They keep us hurting for several days and it is then that we think when the bad days are going to end.

During such odd situations, most people give up or surrender as they’re not able to mentally fight against such adverse circumstances.

However, the optimistic and positive people are the ones who look forward to the brighter side of life so that they can bounce back to normalcy as soon as they can.

What is Life?

Life is one of the most vital aspects of our existence. This aspect of our lives act, determines things, evaluates, analyses and evolves through development.

Life is that which differentiates human beings from the non-living or inorganic matter. There are few individuals who are supporters and believers of free will in Life.

Others who belong to the category of prisoners or slaves don’t enjoy this privilege of practicing free will. Nevertheless, you also need to understand that life isn’t about living freely in a society as there’s more to it. The quality of life that you lead is of utmost importance.

The key purpose of people should be to lead a meaningful life. By meaningful life, we mean a life that lets you connect with your inner self.

Life is important for all – But why?

One of the most vital aspects of life is that it keeps moving forward and is never at a standstill. There’s nothing in life that is permanent as every aspect of life is temporary. Something which you own or possess today is no longer with you tomorrow. You will always have a reason to remain dejected.

Just as a happy occasion will come and pass, a sad one will pass too. No matter how bad life treats you, you should retain your optimistic and positive nature. Nothing’s going to stay forever. All the situations and occasions that you face now will pass tomorrow. This is the essence of Life.

Failures trim your courage

As we’re human beings, we ought to react to failures as they trim down our courage to move forward. Nevertheless, there are the positive-minded people who never fail to bring out the good things about failures too. For them, failures are the stepping stones to success.

Unless you fail in life, how are you going to learn new things from your mistakes? Failures are the best lessons in life. Each time you fail, you build an experience and it is through this experience that you can enhance the efficiency and skill of humans.

There are too many people who always keep complaining that life is nothing but pain. In fact, some believe that ‘pain’ is a synonym for ‘life’.

But you can’t deny that it is pain that make you stronger in life. Pain is definitely the best way of boosting mental resilience. Even more, pain enriches you mentally and physically.

Death is totally uncertain and this is what makes your life precious and uncertain. None of us know the hour when one is going to die. One of the biggest reasons to live life to the fullest is because we don’t know when our life is going to end.

Being depressed or a workaholic is nothing but wastage of life. People should count the blessings of God and enjoy all of them before death takes a toll on your life.

Life in the words of Wordsworth

Wordsworth had said long ago that life is a reflection of lives in heaven. Readers may find this to be too good to be true and hence it is precious.

Hadn’t it been so, no one would have ever given in efforts to cling on to each other for as long a time as possible. There is just one thing about life that is integral is our existence.

Without existence life can’t happen and this existence is at times challenging. There are several people around us who are not much privileged to even get themselves educated or get proper shelter and food. Existence is unimaginably hard for them and they think life is harsh.

However, just as existence is a vital feature of life, hope is also one more inseparable element of life. Whenever people find darkness gathering over their lives, they cling on to hope.

Hope is, in fact, something that gives way to survival. Both hope and survival are vital aspects without which people can’t move forward in life.

Survival of the Fittest – Life’s ultimate Mantra

We live in a highly competitive world that is always led by competition. Competition is something that makes survival extremely tough for people.

For all those who exist by challenging hope, they find it difficult to survive in life. We can’t sum up what life means to us in words as words often can’t express the purpose and meaning of life.

Ways of improving the quality of your life

First and foremost, optimism and positivity is the best way of enriching your life. When you are an optimist, you can boost your job performance, your creativity, your self-confidence and also your skills. A positive person can also overcome all kinds of obstacles.

Another useful way of boosting the quality of your life is by meditating. Through meditation, you can let a person thrive in his past.

You can learn how to avert mistakes done in the past and also gain peace of mind. Even more, meditation reduces tension and stress.

If you can pursue your hobby, this can also be a great way of bringing back meaning to your life. A person without any passion or interest will be a dull person. It is only when you follow a hobby that you can retain your life’s energy.

In a nutshell, life shouldn’t be taken for granted. Above all, we should thank God for whatever we have in life.

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