Delhi Land Records (DLRC): How to Check ROR Delhi Land Record

To make property confirmation simpler for individuals, the Government of NCT of Delhi sent off an online portal called Delhi Bhulekh or Delhi Land record. Previously it was known as Indraprastha Bhulekh. Delhi Bhulekh keeps up with the Delhi land records in a digitized way to forestall debasement and control of information and to advance straightforwardness.

How to Check Delhi Land Records(DLRC) Online

Delhi Land Records

You can check ROR Delhi land records from the Delhi Bhulekh entrance or resident help communities at the particular locale workplaces. Alongside the land records, you can likewise check Jamabandi, Khasra, and Khatauni records at Bhulekh Delhi’s official site.

How about we check how we can without much of a stretch view Delhi land records data internet utilizing Khata number, Khasra number, and proprietor name.

How to Check Delhi Land Records Online by Name

To see Delhi land records ROR report on DLRC official site utilizing name, follow the beneath steps –

  • Stage 1: Log in to the authority site (
  • Stage 2: From the given rundown, select the region and click on View Records
  • Stage 3: Fill in details like District, Subdivision, Village, and Khata Type
  • Stage 4: The record can be looked through By Khata No, By Khasra No, and By Name. For this situation, select the name and afterward enter the proprietor’s name.
  • Stage 5. Click on View Khata Details to get land record data. Every one of the details connected with land will be shown on the screen.

Check Delhi Land Records ROR Report by Khasra Number

To see check Delhi land records by Khasra number follow the beneath steps –

  • Stage 1: Log in to the authority site (
  • Stage 2: On the landing page, select Khasra Khatauni Details and you will be diverted to another page which is as referenced underneath
  • Stage 3: Click on view records and fill in details like Khata Type and town
  • Stage 4: The record can be looked through By Khata No, By Khasra No, and By Name. Select one choice in view of the data accessible to you. Then enter Khasra number
  • Stage 5: Click on View Khata Details to acquire land record data.

How to Check Delhi Jamabandi details?

In the event that you don’t have the Jamabandi details or Delhi land records ROR report, you can check it on the DLRC site without any problem. The bit by bit method to check jamabandi details is as per the following –

  • Stage 1: Visit the authority site ( and click on Jamabandi Details
  • Stage 2: Click on the “Jamabandi Details under PLR Act” choice.
  • Stage 3: Now, select District and click on ‘View Records’
  • Stage 4: All the details connected with Jamabandi will be shown

Check Delhi Land Record ROR Report by Khata Number

To check the Delhi land record ROR report utilizing Khasra number, follow the beneath given steps:-

  • Stage 1: Go to the authority site of Bhulekh Delhi or DLRC Revenue Department, i.e.,
  • Stage 2: Click on the “Khasra Khatauni details under DLR Act”
  • Stage 3: You will be diverted to another page, there click on View Records-where your land is located.
  • Stage 4: Enter the necessary details and starting from the drop click on ‘by Khasra Number’ and afterward ‘View Khata Details. Every one of the details will be shown on the screen.

Property Mutation in Delhi

The mutation is a course of transfer of property starting with one individual and then onto the next. Leasehold and freehold properties can be changed. The change interaction is done at MCD (Municipal Corporation Delhi), DDA (Delhi Development Authority), and L&DO (Land and Development Office).

List of Documents Required for Property Mutation

You will be expected to present the accompanying reports for change of the property:-

  1. Sale deed photocopy
  2. No objection declaration from the lodging board
  3. Properly attested endeavor structure from the transferee on Rs.10 stamp paper
  4. Duly attested indemnity bond on Rs.100 stamp paper
  5. Clearance receipt of property tax
  6. Apportionment fee of Rs.100 and arrangement expense Rs.50
  7. In the event that assuming the property is acquired, these records ought to be submitted-
  8. Proprietor death certificate
  9. Will duplicate
  10. On the off chance that assuming the property is enrolled through full legal authority (POA), these archives ought to be submitted-
  11. Legal authority papers
  12. Will duplicate
  13. Duplicate of payment enlisted with sub-recorder
  14. These records can be submitted to the sub-recorder office. The records will be checked, and the change authentication will be given within 15-30 days.

Advantages of Delhi Land Records ROR Report Online

By digitizing the land records, the public authority has assisted individuals with surveying all data on the web. In the event that you choose to check Delhi land records ror report on the web, you can profit from the accompanying advantages:-

  • The web-based entrance has diminished corruption and has saved time because of the web-based office.
  • Don’t bother going to Patwari’s office to check the land records. Don’t bother holding up in office lines.
  • Check land records by Khasra number and land maps that plainly characterize the property limits.
  • Khasra numbers, Khata numbers are likewise accessible on the web-based entryway.
  • Keeping a data set on an occasional basis is simple.
  • You can approach data however many times as you need free of charge.
  • Another property purchaser can check for the realness of the land.
  • Deal fakes are decreased.
  • Land information details can be followed by the landowners
  • It is essential to check land records since banks could want details for credit endorsement.

Agenda for Delhi Land Record ROR Report

To check the Delhi land record ror report, you should have the accompanying details prepared:-

  • Khata number: It is a record number distributed to all the relatives possessing the whole land. Khata number is additionally called Khewat number.
  • Khasra number: Khasra number is a number that is distributed to individuals possessing land or a bundle of land in a rustic region.
  • Jamabandi number: Jamabandi number is simply one more name for Khasra number. In northern states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan Khasra number is known as Jamabandi number. Be that as it may, Jamabandi is a report which contains all the significant data about the historical backdrop of land proprietors and development. Such details are refreshed at regular intervals by a Patwari and endorsed by the Revenue specialists,
  • Division name: Division name is the division or locale where you reside in.
  • Development Name: Subdivision of your area. For instance: on the off chance that you live in Greater Kailash, your division will be South Delhi, and subdivision will be Greater Kailash.
  • Town name: If the land is in a town, then you want to give the name of the town.
  • Proprietor name: Name of all the land owners.

How to Check the GIS guides of Delhi on Bhulekh Delhi gateway?

The Delhi land Record site or Bhulekh Delhi entry permits a client to check the GIS guides of each and every region of Delhi. To get to the GIS maps on the site of Bhulekh Delhi, follow the referenced method.

Stage 1: Go to the site of Bhulekh Delhi entry, for example,

Stage 2: Click on the ‘See GIS Map’ on the Bhulekh Delhi map.

Stage 3: You will be diverted to the accompanying screen.

Stage 4: Zoom in on the area of your decision.

Stage 5: Click on the ‘Khasra data’ tab on the top. The accompanying window will show up.

Stage 6: Fill in the details like State, District, Division, Village, and square shape.

Stage 7: Click on the ‘View Ownership Details’ button. The guide will be shown in the accompanying configuration.

The most effective method to Obtain a Mutation Certificate Online in Delhi

The mutation declaration can be downloaded from MCD (Municipal Corporation Delhi) site. The means are as per the following

  • Stage 1: Visit the MCD site (
  • Stage 2: Click on the Download Mutation Certificate choice which is accessible at the lower part of the page.
  • Stage 3: Enter the details, for example, registration number, enlistment date, SRO office, and manual human test. Click on search.


Delhi land record is a significant archive that each land proprietor or land owner should have. It helps in limiting the fake activities as well as facilitates the advanced application. The majority of the banks check the Delhi land records ROR report for endorsement of home or plot credit. To make things simpler for people in general, the Government of NCT of Delhi sent off a web-based gateway called Bhulekh Delhi. The Bhulekh land record Delhi online aids in limiting the fakes, debasement, and messing with information. You can check the Delhi land records by Khasra number and by name.


  • How might I check my Delhi land record?

To see land records in Delhi follow the underneath steps

  1. Login to the authority Bhulekh site
  2. Select Khasra khatauni details on the landing page and you will be diverted to a rundown of khata details. Click on view records.
  3. From the dropdown select the khata type, town, and either select by name or khasra number or khata number
  4. Enter the details and click on View details
  • How might I know the proprietor of a plot in Delhi on Delhi’s land record site?

The name of the proprietor of the plot can be checked by signing in to the Delhi Bhulekh site. On the landing page click on khasra khatauni details. A rundown of the locale will be shown. Select view records. Enter the khata type, town, and khata number. Click on view details.

  • How to get the Khasra number/Khatauni number?

Khasra number and Khatauni number can be gotten at the workplace of the Tehsildar or from the state’s official income division site.

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