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Would you like to study in Russia? Or on the other hand on the off chance that you are yet to sort out some way to study in Russia, take a look at this post. Are you worried about the expense or charges? What will be your future subsequent to completion of your schooling in Russia?

Study in Russia: An Ultimate Guide for International Students

Study in Russia

This organized aide will take you through the numerous profundities that you should know about like affirmation rules, why study in Russia, cost included, and considerably more!

All set to dive in further? Go along!

Why study in Russia?

Other than being the biggest country on the planet by area, Russia is likewise a famous decision for global students. Understanding is a portion of the reasons:

  1. Top Universities
  2. Affordable fee structure
  3. Global acknowledgment of degree
  4. Comfortable and well-armed campus
  5. Affordable cost of living in Russia
  6. Easy affirmation technique
  7. Renowned examination offices
  8. Exciting student life

Grant for Indian students to study in Russia

Assuming you are wanting to study abroad one thing that could hinder your program is monetary issues. In any case, you shouldn’t stress since there are a few Grants presented by the public authority and Universities all through Russia to support foreign students.

The following are a few grants you might consider:

  1. American Boards Grants
  2. Benjamin A. Gilman Grants
  3. BP in Russia Exploration Grants
  4. Government of Russian Federation Grants
  5. HSE University
  6. Moscow Foundation of Physics and Technology (MIPT)
  7. Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project
  8. Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University
  9. The School of Russian and Asian Examinations (SRAS)
  10. Tomsk State University

What amount does it cost to study in Russia?

For students wanting to seek their dream education in Russia, it is essential to realize that your educational expenses will rely generally upon the sort of establishment picked.

The following are the fundamental expenses

Level of StudyTuition Fees (per year)
UndergraduateRs. 1,30,000 – Rs. 10,00,000
Specialist ProgramsRs. 1, 30,000 – Rs. 7,00,000
PostgraduateRs. 1,60,000 – Rs. 5,10,000
PhDRs. 80,000 – Rs. 4,50,000

Notwithstanding the fundamental expenses of schooling, you should deal with the average cost for many everyday items alone. Your month-to-month everyday costs will incorporate the expense of convenience, food, travel, and other fundamental administrations.

Why Study in Russia?

All Inclusive University Education: Russia is most popular for its scholarly schools offering medication, innate science, physical science, and math. Russia is highlighted with its 28 Universities in QS World Rankings 2021 and 95 Universities in QS leading universities in arising Europe and Focal Asia rankings.

While wanting to study in Russia you can look over in excess of 400 study fields and 650 subjects in lone ranger’s, lords trained professional, and postgraduate projects, for example, clinical traineeships to study on in 82 locales of the country.

Cost of Study: The expense of studying in Russia not just lies in the ideal proportion when contrasted with different nations like the USA, Canada, the UK, and so on, however you can likewise read up free of charge to the detriment of the Public authority spending plan.

Earning a University education from probably the loftiest Universities in the capital costs 586,000 rubles (~8371 USD). The base educational expenses for UG programs were 83,000 rubles (~1186 USD). Along with cheap training offers, the Russian government grants a few thousand grants (standards) to its global students. For 2020, 15,000 such shares were held with collaborating Russian Universities.

Note: 1 RUB= 1INR (Swapping scale according to Aug 2020)

Language: Not a boundary. Although numerous Universities offer projects in Russian, there are colossal measures of language preliminary courses accessible for global students wanting to study in Russia. Not exclusively will you be offered chances to gain proficiency with the Russian language, yet a lot of projects are being presented in English for your straightforwardness.

Potential chance to Get a Double Diploma: The joint programs proposed to study in Russia as a team with unfamiliar Universities will permit you to get a double recognition a Russian Confirmation and a recognition from a European University. The upside of getting a Russian diploma is its acknowledgment in more than 60 nations, like India, China, Vietnam, Spain, and Cuba, and that’s just the beginning.

Top Universities to Study in Russia

Students will generally target learning at top Universities, explicitly while intending to study internationally. However Russian Universities have as of now recently begun entering the world University positioning records, you can yet browse 741 Universities. 29 of these are public exploration Universities, 10 government, and two unique status Universities.

Here is a portion of the top Universities to pick from while wanting to study in Russia, recorded by their QS rankings:

National Rankings (2020)UniversityWorld Rankings (2021)
#1Lomonosov Moscow State University#74
#2Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbU)#225
#3Novosibirsk State University (NSU)#228
#4Tomsk State University (TSU)#250
#5Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MIPT)#281
#6National Research Nuclear University (MEPhi)#314
#7Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU)#282
#8National Research University Higher School Economics (HSE)#298
#9Tomsk Polytechnic University#401
#10Moscow State Institution of International Relations (MGIMO)#348

Admissions to Study in Russia

With a greater part of Russian Universities offering training in Russian, as a worldwide student, you should look out for a way to improve your language abilities before you apply to any of these Universities. In the event that, you can’t do such preceding studying in Russia, you can apply for one-year preliminary courses prior to taking admission to your major.

Undergrad global aspirants for Russian Universities should take note that surely fewer number projects are being offered totally in English. In any case, this doesn’t make a difference to ace courses as there are generally more Universities that offer a graduate degree with the method of schooling as English as it were.

Steps to follow while Applying for a Russian University

  • Pick a program/University you wish to study-Access a different scope of courses from the show, inherent sciences, and medication to math, and physical science. At 741 Universities situated in 84 unique districts, you won’t just get to pick either course yet additionally your favored area and environment.
  • Figure out monetary guides: You can either decide on self-funding, outside financing, or Russian government subsidizing to guarantee that your study abroad costs are backed out.
  • Set up your documents package: You should present your reports two times as you wish to apply with Russian instruction foundations. Introductory application demonstrating the ideal degree of instruction and area of study. Official accommodation of archives to the University subsequent to arriving in Russia.
  • Initial Application Package: Copy of record specifying instruction, copy of ID, finished University application structure, and photos
  • Official Submission to University: Application for confirmation, visa/identification, instruction declaration, an assertion on the standard clinical structure, photos (as determined).
  • Pick how you wish to apply: You can either apply independently to the University of the decision or through a Rossotrudnichestvo/Russian Consulate. The last decision is the most ideal for applicants who wish to apply for government grants and subsequently, will be partaking in serious determination.
  • Undergo Cutthroat Determination: There are various methods of serious choice. These are:
  • Entrance Test and Starting Bound together State Assessment: While selecting with Russian Universities you should submit results or finish confirmation assessments. EGE is acknowledged all through all Universities. Confirmation tests, then again, are directed by Universities and students can decide to step through an examination in a discipline relating to their picked subjects
  • Academic Contests: Many scholarly rivalries are held consistently in Russia and abroad where students can partake and anticipate enlistment in Russian Universities without assessment or under particular circumstances.
  • Tests: Tests are directed exclusively or together by numerous Russian Universities. Global students with the best outcomes are chosen and can expect particular terms while selecting Universities
  • Get an invitation to apply for a student visa: In the event that a candidate has acquired a situation through standard strategy (non-grant student) greeting will be sent by the University. While the people who are chosen through standard will help their greeting through the Service of International concerns.

Russian Student Visa

Where to Apply: You can apply for Russian Study Visa through Russian Department or Russian Consulate in your country. In certain nations, similar to India, Canada, USA there are Russian Visa communities where you can apply for your visa.

Reports Required

While making applications for a student visa to study in Russia, you should present the accompanying reports:

  • Your passport and a duplicate of its first page
  • Official greeting to section to Russia
  • Application form
  • Photos (3.5*4.5 cm)
  • HIV Negative status declaration
  • In the event that you lie under the age bunch under 18, a legal official confirmed parental agreement to travel is likewise required.

Russian Visa Expenses: 8246 rubles for different sections.

The span of Stay: At first a student visa is given for a considerable length of time, students can get an expansion of a year from the nearby division of the Overall Organization for Relocation Issues of the Service of Russia.

Cost to Study in Russia

While intending to study abroad, the expense is one of the major definitive elements for students when picking a University and country to study. The expense of studying in Russia can be extensively viewed as a general of educational expenses and the average cost for most everyday items.

Educational expenses for Studying in Russia

The minimum tuition expenses for Russian are still decided by The Ministry of Science and Higher education. In any case, the general educational cost will shift according to the particular educational program, the length of the program, and the foundation. Examined underneath is a scope of educational expenses according to the degree of training you wish to seek:

Level of EducationDuration of StudyMinimum Tuition Fees (rubles/yr)Maximum Tuition Fees (rubles/yr)
Bachelor’s Degree4 years240,000- 260,000122,000-880,000
Specialist Degree5 years240,000- 260,000122,500-632,580
Masters Degree2 years260,000-280,000147,000-460,000
Other Postgraduate Programs3 years280,000-300,00079,300-413,000
Preparatory CoursesFew months to a year160,000 averagely
Summer Schools3-8 weeks450,000 averagely
Medical Degrees (like MBBS in Russia)Varies as per the choice of level145,000-149,500310,000-405,000
Engineering DegreesVaries as per the choice of level122,000-137,000200,000- or more

Living Costs in Russia

The cost for most everyday items will incorporate every one of your costs from housing to food, transportation to the web, clothing, and that’s just the beginning. Here is a short detail of these costs that will assist you with arranging your funds ahead of time.

Type of ExpensesCost (RUB)
University Dorms500-5,000/month
Rental Accommodation*15,000-35,000/month
Medical Insurance4,000-120,000/year
Lunch in Cafe/Restaurants800-2,000
Transport1970 (60 journey travel card)
405 (underground travel card for students)
Cellular Communication & Internet300-400 (standard services on a sim)
300-500 (internet)
Clothing500 (T-shirt)
1500 (Jeans)
Cultural Pursuits400-2,500 (movie tickets)
200-1,000 (museum tickets)
Wellness1,700-4,00 (fitness centers monthly pass)
300-500 (swimming pool pass)

Working in Russia as Global Student

To work in Russia while considering, global students should be of 18+ age and have a work grant. You won’t require a work license on the off chance that you are utilized at University or partnered associations even external class-time as well as during get-away.

Work-Grant: Your work license will be given to you in no less than 10 days of making applications. You will require the accompanying records to make applications for the equivalent:

  • Application
  • Passport
  • Migration card
  • Receipt of fee payment ~RUB 3500
  • Business Agreement
  • Endorsement of affirmation of HIV negative status, no chronic drug habits, or irresistible sickness.
  • University’s assertion on students’ full-time enlistment.

In the event that you work without a work license in Russia, you will be fined an amount of RUB 2,000-7,000.

Work Extension in Russia for Global Students

Moscow is Russia’s monetary and monetary focus, unfamiliar internationals can want to work in Moscow after completion of graduation. Holy person Petersburg likewise is one more prospering city of Russia offering a preferable typical pay scale over Moscow.

Russia is home to global organizations like Prophet, Pepsico, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Dolby, Google, Honeywell, and so forth. Among a portion of the top businesses in Russia are:

Top EmployersAnnual Salary (RUB)
Barclays Bank6,46,000
McKinsey & Co.6,298,000

The typical time-based compensation as kept in 2019, was RUB 600. You should take note that the pay scales presented in Moscow and St. Petersburg are higher than those proposed for workers in rural areas. A portion of the other top-paying urban communities is Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, and so on.

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