Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh 2022

Purchasing a home has specific charges joined to it, aside from the expense of the property. Stamp duty and registration charges are expenses and assessments demanded on the property’s fairly estimated worth. These charges are chosen by considering the circle rates of the property and different variables.

For stamp duty in MP and enrollment charges, the Registration and Stamps Department is answerable. It is likewise one of the main income-creating branches of the state.

How To Calculate Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh

The division has four territorial workplaces in Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Indore. Every one of the territorial workplaces works under Zonal Deputy Registration Inspector General (DG). There are 51 Registrar workplaces in the locale and 234 Registrar workplaces in the state.

Read on to be familiar with stamp duty charges in MP, registration charges in MP, how to pay the charges, and considerably more.

Stamp Duty in MP

Any individual who purchases a property in Madhya Pradesh needs to pay stamp duty charges and enrollment charges. Likewise, such charges are paid where an exchange of property is involved. The land is liable to state control, so the state government overhauled the rates on September 7, 2020.

The Madhya Pradesh government sliced the charges for property registration from 3% to 1% in metropolitan regions to further develop the stale housing market, which was burned by COVID-19. The decrease in enrollment charges was just legitimate till December 2020. Presently, Madhya Pradesh’s new stamp duty is 7.5%, and enrollment charges are 3%. Prior, stamp duty charges were 10.5%.

What Factors Influence Stamp Duty?

A few variables influence the stamp duty in MP. The accompanying elements impact stamp duty charges:-

  • Gender of the proprietor: Currently, the stamp duty rates are no different for males and females in MP. Anyway, there is plausible that the state government can cut the costs for ladies, to advance more women purchasers. In states like Delhi, Haryana, and Chhattisgarh the stamp duty is less for females.
  • Property area: The rates are the same in metropolitan and rustic regions in MP. In any case, in certain states, stamp duty rates vary according to the area of the property.
  • Circle rate of the area: The stamp duty charges are entirely subject to the circle paces of the state. The circle rate fluctuates for each area or location. For instance, assuming the circle rate is high, and that implies that the property rate will likewise be high and you should pay higher stamp duty since stamp duty is exacted on the market worth of the property.

Stamp Duty for Various Documents in MP

Track down the stamp duty on different records as expected by the Madhya Pradesh government:

Document  Stamp Duty 
Stamp duty on lease deed in Madhya Pradesh8% of total rent and deposit
Stamp duty on gift deed in Madhya Pradesh to family members1% of the market value of a property that must exceed Rs.1000
Gift deed in Madhya Pradesh to others5% of a property’s market value

How to Pay Stamp Duty Online in MP

You can utilize different strategies to pay stamp duty in Madhya Pradesh. Utilize online techniques, offline, E-stamping, or Franking. Beneath we have referenced moves toward pay stamp duty in MP on the web.

  • Stage 1: Go to the authority site of the Registration and Stamps Department Madhya Pradesh.
  • Stage 2: Click on E-Stamp Verification.
  • Stage 3: Another screen will open. Here enter the E-Stamp ID, and enter the manual human test to pay the Stamp duty charges.
  • Stage 4: The charges can be paid utilizing Visa, check card or net banking.

Offline procedure for Stamp Duty installment in MP

In the event that you are not happy paying the charges on the web, then you can pay the charges by visiting the sub-registration center’s office in your city. You can pay in real money, DD, or even Mastercard or charge card in the workplace.

Franking: Many banks and mail depots are assigned to gather stamp duty in MP and enrollment charges. You can go to such establishments and pay the appropriate expenses there.

E-Stamping Method

E-stamping is an electronic strategy for stamp duty confirmation. The e-stepping is finished utilizing the tagging strategy by the Stamps and Management of Property and Documents Application (SAMPADA) project. All you want is to have personality verification during enrollment. When the registration is finished, you can pay.

Make sure to choose English as your language on the login page. Then, at that point, just e-stepping will work. Additionally, advanced marks are required and you shouldn’t tap on the refresh button until the installment has been acknowledged.

The Format of E-Stamp Document

An e-stamp report incorporates the accompanying subtleties:-

  • Unique Identification Number (UIN) or Serial number
  • Date and season of issuance of e-stamp
  • Sum paid as Stamp duty (in figures and words)
  • Name of the buyer and the other party.
  • Address of buyer and another party.
  • Property Description
  • Code of a specialist organization
  • Client ID.
  • Attested signature, approved scanner tag
  • Security highlights

How are Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh Calculated?

How about we comprehend with a model how the stamp duty and enrollment charges in Madhya Pradesh are determined:

Model: If you purchase a house, you’ll need to pay Rs 5.25 lakh in stamp duty and registration charges on a property worth Rs 50,00,000.

  • Cost of the property: Rs 50,00,000
  • Stamp Duty in MP 7.50% of property’s cost= Rs 375,000
  • Enrollment charges 3% of property’s cost= 1,50,000
  • Aggregate sum to be paid: Rs 5,75,000

Stamp duty and enrollment charges can likewise be determined on the MP IGR site. To work out, go to the, then click on Login and enter the login qualifications. Presently, from the left-hand side snap on Property Valuation and Duty Calculation and afterward click on Duty Calculation. Enter your name, address, and different details, and select the deed classification and type. Then, at that point, approve the data by tapping on Validate. The relevant duty will be shown on the screen.

The most effective method to Check Stamp Duty and Registration Fee Chart in MP

To check the stamp duty and registration expense graph in Madhya Pradesh on IGR entry of the state, this is the thing you want to do:-

  • Stage 1: Visit the official site of IGR MP
  • Stage 2: Click on check Stamp Duty and Registration Fee Chart from the left side menu bar
  • Stage 3: The fee diagram will be shown on a screen in a pdf design.

Tax breaks on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Madhya Pradesh

Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, you can profit tax breaks for up to Rs 1.50 lakh. The derivation profits at the hour of Income Tax Return recording. Recollect that allowance must be guaranteed in the year when the property is bought.

Most recent News: Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in MP

  • To support the beginning up area in Madhya Pradesh, the state government has reported concession on stamp duty for business enrollment.

In Madhya Pradesh property enrollments expanded by 8% when contrasted with the financial year 2019-2020. In monetary 2020-21, an income of Rs 1325 crores was enlisted from 1,07,000 property enrollment. There were many new home purchasers seen and interest for levels and lofts expanded in the financial.

Contact Information: Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in MP

For any additional data, you can contact the accompanying location, or you can likewise send a mail.

  • Office Address: 35 A, Arera Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 462011.
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Contact number: 0755-2573849 | 0755-2573846 | 0755-2573852

Conclusion – Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in MP

Since the land is likely to state’s property, the state government continues to update the stamp duty rates. In 2020, the MP government sliced the stamp duty and registration charges to help the land area. Because of COVID-19, the business’ development was hampered, and this choice aided increment the registration and income of the state. With the coming of innovation, the stamp duty in MP can be paid utilizing the Department of Registration and Stamps site.


  • What are the charges of the stamp duty in MP?

Stamp Duty in MP is 7.5% for all the property purchasers. The charges are to be paid while the new property is purchased or regardless of whether the property is moved.

  • Is it compulsory to pay enrollment charges in Madhya Pradesh?

It is obligatory to pay registration charges in Madhya Pradesh at whatever point a property is purchased. Enlisting the property in your name is required.

  • When was stamp duty in Madhya Pradesh reexamined?

Stamp duty in MP was last overhauled in September 2020, and charges were sliced by 2.5%.

  • How might I pay stamp duty in Madhya Pradesh?

You can utilize different strategies to pay stamp duty on the web, disconnected, or franking.

  • How are registration charges in MP determined?

The registration charges in MP are 3%, and are determined available worth of the property or the concurred worth of the property, whichever is higher.

  • How might I make the web-based installment for stamp duty?

To pay the stamp duty on the web, you can utilize a Visa, charge card or net banking.

  • Which office demands stamp duty charges in Madhya Pradesh?

The Registration and stamps division is answerable for stamp duty and enrollment charges in Madhya Pradesh.

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