Girls Hostel Scheme: Overview, Objective & Benefits

Working Women Hostel Scheme

Girls Hostel Scheme

Scheme NameWorking Women Hostel Scheme
Launched Date6th of April, 2017
Announced ByPrime Minister of the country, Mr. Narendra Modi
Supervised byWomen and Child Care Development Ministry
Target AudienceBPL And Helpless Women
Scheme TypeCentral

Indian women, who need to avoid their homes for work reason or don’t have anybody to house them, frequently experience the ill effects of uncertainties connected with wellbeing. The central government has passed another plan that is intended for meeting the lodging necessities of working or helpless women. The name of the program is Working Women Hostel Scheme and will incorporate kids under exceptional conditions as it were. The primary goal is to enable women.

Qualification Criteria for Working Women Hostel Scheme

Coming up next are the qualification rules for being a recipient under the Working Women Hostel Scheme:

  1. Widowed, Single, Separated Women Are Allowed – according to the program, the doors of the hostel will be available to those women who don’t have anybody to really focus on them. The women might be bereaved, single, isolated or isolated from their spouses.
  2. The wedded women who have no family in the city will likewise be given rooms in the hostel.
  3. Physically Handicapped Women Are Allowed – If the lady falls in the class of actually debilitated and have the legal reports, then, at that point, the hostel will give space to them also. This will be finished to give them security.
  4. Female Trainees Will have the option to Opt for the Scheme – If the female candidate, looking for a room in the lodging is gaining some sort of occupation preparing, then they will be allowed to remain in these lodgings. The residency of the training should not be multiple. Room distribution will be done in light of opening. Work learners, should not cross the 30% imprint in regard to the total number of women housed in the lodging.
  5. Age Criteria of Children With Working Mothers – Sometimes it happens that the lady is the only one dealing with the kids. In such cases, the functioning moms will be permitted to remain with their kids. Yet, in such cases, the age of the kid and young lady ought not be more than 9 and 15 separately.
  6. Scheme Below Poverty Level Women – Apart from the ones who are working or procuring position preparing away from home and actually disabled up-and-comers, the plan will give convenience to female competitors who fall beneath the destitution level too.

Key Features of Working Women Hostel Scheme

A glance at the notable elements of the program will help one in getting a superior comprehension:

  1. The number of hostels to be constructed – Housing such countless women in need is certainly not a mean errand. For meeting the convenience prerequisites, the focal government has given the green sign to the foundation of 70,000 working hostels for women. The constructional task on 938 has previously started as the initial step to accomplishing the objective.
  2. Day Care Center – It isn’t feasible for the functioning moms to take their youngsters with them to their office. For the help of such moms, the hostel authority will give Day Care administrations too. Here, the kids will be taken care of when their moms are nowhere to be found. The help will come at an additional cost.

Rules and Guidelines of the Working Women Hostel Scheme

Coming up next are a few standards related to the convenience offices under the Working Women Hostel Scheme:

Income edge for allowing convenience

For getting affirmation in the lodgings, working under the Working Women Hostel Scheme, the candidate should demonstrate give insights concerning themselves and their ongoing circumstance. The ones who are related with any work should give papers which will demonstrate that they don’t procure more than Rs. 50,000 gross, in any of the metro urban areas. The sum will come down to Rs. 35,000 on the off chance that the candidate is searching for convenience in the hostel in some other region.

Rent demanded from the prisoners

The functioning women should pay a monthly lease for the rooms. The pace of lease will rely upon the kind of room they have picked. In the event of

  • Single Bedroom Rent: Single room, the up-and-comer should pay a lease that doesn’t surpass 15% of her gross compensation.
  • Twofold Bedrooms and Dormitories: This lease will be 10% and 7.5% in the event of twofold rooms and dorms separately.
  • Similar charges will be collected structure the up-and-comers who are getting position preparing. In such cases, the lease will be paid by the affiliation that is supporting the work preparation.
  • Day Care Service Charges: For working moms, an extra 5% will be charged assuming that they are profiting from the Day Care administrations.

Charges for different offices

The previously mentioned lease is just for the rooms. Assuming that the competitors are involving the wrecked office for obtaining their feasts and furthermore utilizing the clothes washer for cleaning their grimy garments, the hostel authority will charge them extra for these administrations.

The tenure of the stay

  • The most extreme time that any applicant can spend in the lodging is for a long time.
  • Just under critical circumstances, the up-and-comer can bring a composed consent from the District Women’s Welfare Committee. This letter will give an expansion that won’t be over a half year.
  • Under no condition will a competitor be permitted to remain in lodging for over 5 years.

Official Website of the Scheme

Assuming that anybody is keen on procuring more data about the plan and need to apply for rooms in the extraordinary lodgings, then, at that point, they should tap on the connection One glance at the plan will permit a female contender to move to a usual hangout spot.

Outline of the Girls Hostel Scheme

There was an altogether new idea based conspire that was sent off in 2008-09, that was executed from 2009-2010. The essential point of the plan was to set up a 100-slept with young women’s lodging in 2479 EBBs (Educationally Backward Blocks) in India.

There was an underlying plan that was driven as an NGO plan to give smooth development and running of the Girls hostel for understudies having a place with the optional and higher secondary school. Here the help and backing were given to associations that are deliberately helping in the running of the young lady’s lodgings.

The goal of the Girls Hostel Scheme

The essential target of the plan is to hold the young women a place with the Educationally Backward Blocks in optional schools. The endeavors were there to attempt to permit as numerous young women to concentrate on school and not quit because of different reasons, for example,

  • Societal factors
  • Distance
  • Financial moderateness

One more objective of the plan was to make optional as well as senior optional instruction open to a huge segment of school-going, young women.

Target Group for Girls Hostel Scheme:

The objective gathering under this plan is for young women to have a place with the age scope of 14-18 years, those concentrating on in class eleventh and twelfth. These young women ought to have a place with SC/ST/OBC/Minority/BPL Families.

Every one of the students that drop from KGBV will be given due inclination in the lodging confirmations. Somewhere around half of the young women conceded ought to be from SC/ST/OBC/Minority/BPL Families.

Sharing patterns

The central government will be bearing 90% of the undertaking cost, including both repeating and non-repeating. The state government will address the leftover 10% of the cost.

Leading body of Project Approval

There is a venture approval board that is going by the secretary, school training, and Literacy MHRD that will look at the whole recommendation that is gotten from different states, association domains, and legislatures. The advisory group will incorporate the accompanying:

  • Joint Secretary
  • FA and JS
  • Ministry of Human Resource
  • Planning Commission agent
  • Finance Ministry
  • Ministry of Women and Child Development
  • National commission for a lady other than delegates from association regions, states, and legislatures.

The methodology used to build Hostels/Schools:

Under this plan, one lodging will be built with the limit of 100 young women in every hostel of the absolute 3500 instructively in reverse blocks.

Any place there will be additional room in the compound of KGBC, the lodgings will be developed in those vacant spaces. These hostels will be heavily influenced by the organization of KGBV. Every one of the understudies who drop from KGBV will be given a high ground un in looking for hostel confirmations.

On the off chance that there is no extra space in the compound of KGBV or the blocks, then the lodging can get developed in the mixtures of the optional school that is shortlisted by the association domains, states, and legislatures.

Every one of the built hostels will be under the authoritative control of the head, and superintendents of the school. The students concentrating in the adjoining schools will be qualified to remain in these lodgings.

The base measure of living space that will be made accessible to every detainee would associate with 40 square feet, barring the latrines, shared space, and kitchen. Every one of the structures that will be developed that will be tremor tough will get fitments from the important fire security hardware.

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