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GHMC Property tax installment in Hyderabad, Telangana is imposed and gathered by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). Property taxes are a critical kind of revenue for the municipal bodies across India.

After the consolidation of Hyderabad in the recently framed territory of Telangana, the GHMC property tax shapes a significant piece of expenses and demands charged by the GHMC. Property tax is an immediate duty imposed by the State government through civil/metro bodies across Telangana.

Property Tax Payment – GHMC Property Tax Payment Online for Telangana Property

GHMC Property Tax

The tax gathered by the GHMC is utilized to improve the community framework and the provision of better friendly conveniences across Hyderabad. The GHMC property tax is demanded on private structures, business structures, condos, and land packages.

To further develop straightforwardness and simple entry, the GHMC property tax payment can be made on the web. The GHMC property tax is paid utilizing the PTIN or Property Tax Identification Number. The GHMC property tax relies on the ongoing valuation of the property and is determined as per the yearly rental qualities and different variables.

What is PTIN in GHMC property tax payment?

PTIN represents Property Tax Identification Number. It is an exceptional 10-digit number given by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). PTIN is given to each loft, autonomous house, or manor in Hyderabad.

PTIN is fundamental for GHMC property tax payment. Utilizing the special PTIN, an individual can look for the property tax duty for the relating year. On the off chance that an individual claims an estate and a condo, he/she will be distributed two PTINs by the GHMC.

How to get GHMC property tax details in Hyderabad?

The GHMC property tax can be seen on the web. To realize about the gathered property tax in Hyderabad, follow the bit-by-bit process. The GHMC property tax can be seen utilizing any of the accompanying details viz-PTIN Number, Name of the Owner, and Door number.

Stage 1: Go to the GHMC official site, i.e.,

Stage 2: Go to the ‘Online Payments’ tab toward the front and click on ‘Property tax.’

Stage 3: When you click on the ‘Property tax’ tab, it will divert to

Stage 4: Click on the ‘Property tax’ drop-down list and select ‘Search Your Property Tax’.

Stage 5: You should fill in any of the accompanying details, for example, Circle, PTIN number, Name of the Owner, and Door No. Click on get OTP. An OTP will be sent on the enrolled mobile number.

How to make GHMC property tax online payment?

When you have the PTIN number, you can make the GHMC property tax payment on the web. Follow the beneath referenced strides for GHMC property tax online payment.

Stage 1: Go to

Stage 2: Click on the ‘Property tax’ drop-down list and select ‘Property tax Payment’.

Stage 3: The accompanying window will open. Here, enter the PTIN number and snap on ‘Submit’.

When you click on ‘Submit,’ details of property tax, unfulfilled obligations, and interest on unpaid debts, and changes will be shown on the screen. You can confirm the details.

Stage 4: You can continue to the payment page and make payment by means of Debit Card, Credit Card Net Banking, and so forth.

It should be noticed that the data given online is modern, and there is no prerequisite to go to the GHMC office face to face.

How to pay the GHMC property tax online?

Notwithstanding the GHMC property tax payment on the web, the GHMC property tax can be paid offline mode. You can pay the GHMC property tax disconnected through the accompanying modes.

  • More than 72 Mee-Seva Centers in GHMC limits
  • Handheld machines of bill gatherers related to GHMC
  • Citizen Service Centers (CSCs) in 19 circles and GHMC central command
  • RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement), NEFT, and Online Payment at 537 parts of in excess of eight banks

You can likewise send a Demand Draft (DD) for the sake of Commissioner GHMC. Assuming you deal with issues in the web-based payment of GHMC property tax, you can pay it through disconnected mode.

How to find GHMC property tax details utilizing the portal number?

A Door Number is a novel house number distributed by the GHMC after the house investigation and confirmation of the property reports.

On the off chance that an individual doesn’t have a PTIN number given by the GHMC, he can make the GHMC property tax payment utilizing the entryway number. To do this, follow the underneath referenced steps:

Stage 1: Go to

Stage 2: Click on the ‘Property tax’ drop-down list and select ‘Search Your Property Tax’.

Stage 3: Fill ‘Door number’ details and enter the enrolled versatile number to get the One Time Password (OTP). Subsequent to entering the OTP, you will get the expected GHMC property details.

How to compute property tax for GHMC Hyderabad?

The technique for estimation of GHMC property tax is different for both private properties and business properties.

Recipe for GHMC property tax estimation for private properties

The GHMC involves a chunk pace of tax collection for private property tax estimation. GHMC Property charge estimation recipe for the private properties is as per the following:

Yearly Property Tax= Gross Annual Rental Value X (17% – 30%) [Slab Rate – 10% Depreciation] + 8 % Library Cess


GARV= Plinth Area X (duplicated by) Monthly Rental Value in Rs/Sq ft X 12

*Slab rate will be resolved in view of the Monthly Rental Value (MRV) fixed by GHMC

Here, Plinth Area is the whole developed region that incorporates galleries and carports. To decide the yearly rental worth of oneself involved properties, the yearly lease of comparative properties is considered. In the event of leased properties, the rental qualities are determined utilizing the ‘tenant contract’ between the proprietor and the occupant.

Like the GHMC property tax computation for private properties, the estimation for business properties is finished through an equation.

Recipe for GHMC property tax estimation for business properties

The GHMC fixes the monthly rental values (MRVs) for the business properties as per the region types/tax collection zones, kind of development and utilization.

Yearly Property Tax (for business properties) = 3.5 x Plinth Area (in Sq ft) x Monthly rental Values (MRVs per sq ft each month)

GHMC Property Tax appraisal for New Property

On account of new properties, an application is submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of appraisal of properties. The application should be connected with key archives, for example, occupancy certificate, sale deed, and so on. When the application is acknowledged, the GHMC-approved charge investigator/Valuation official/Assistant Municipal Officer will look at the structure truly.

They will likewise confirm the Title Deed, Sale Deed, and other significant records to guarantee their legitimateness. After the assessment is finished, the property tax is determined as per the overall rates. After the fruitful assessment, an interesting Property Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is produced. This is utilized for future property tax payments.

Punishment for deferring in payment of GHMC property tax

Property tax payment is fundamental for each resident who possesses a house in Hyderabad or inside GHMC limits. A postponement in the GHMC property tax payment draws in a punishment of 2% interest on the due sum, determined consistently.

Exclusion from GHMC property tax payment

Albeit the payment of GHMC property tax is required for each land owner inside the GHMC, Hyderabad restricts, the metro body gives occasional concessions and discounts in payment of due property tax payment without a moment’s delay. In the accompanying cases, the GHMC gives a concession in the property tax sum

  • As indicated by GHMC rental worth pieces, properties with MRV or Monthly Rental Value of Rs 50 for every sq ft each month or beneath are absolved from GHMC property tax payment.
  • Properties claimed by ex-servicemen, schools, beneficent organizations, and spots of love.
  • %0% concession in property tax sum I accommodated structures that have empty premises, and it is checked by the property tax controller and approved by GHMC.

Convincingly, the GHMC property tax payment is a required action for the land owners of the GHMC Hyderabad limits. Notwithstanding a couple of exemptions, every land owner is at risk to pay GHMC property tax on time. Inability to do so would draw in a weighty punishment from GHMC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How might I check GHMC property tax on the web?

To check the GHMC property tax on the web, go to the and utilize the ‘Search Your Property Tax’ tab. It will show the property tax contribution for the entered PTIN.

  • How might I pay property tax online in Hyderabad?

To pay the GHMC Property charge on the web, you should have a PTIN number. When you have it, utilize the connection and snap on the ‘Property tax Payment’ tab to pay the GHMC property tax.

  • Where might I at any point find my GHMC PTIN number?

PTIN number is an exceptional 10-digit property ID number. It is allocated by the GHMC.

  • How is GHMC property tax determined in Hyderabad?

The GHMC property tax for private properties is determined by the accompanying equation.

Yearly Property Tax= Gross Annual Rental Value X (17% – 30%) [Slab Rate – 10% Depreciation] + 8 Library Cess.

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