What Is The Full Form Of ECC – ECC Full Form

ECC Full Form is Excise Control Code. It is a 15-digit alphanumeric registration number, which depends on the PAN card. With the assistance of this number, the government can follow our extract obligation payment record. The initial 10 digits of this code will be equivalent to the PAN number of the individual concerned.

ECC Full Form Name: Meaning of ECC

Full Form Of ECC

ECC Format

  1. Points 1 to 10 – Assessee PAN.
  2. Issue 11 and 12 – Excise Manufacturer or Dealer (EM or ED).
  3. Numbers 13, 14, and 15 – Unique System Generated Serial Number.

Excise Control Code

It is a calculation for communicating an arrangement of numbers so that any mistakes which are presented can be recognized and remedied. The two principal classes of ECC codes are block codes and convolutional codes. Mistake detection is a lot easier than blunder adjustment. ECC is turning out to be more normal in the field of information stockpiling and organization transmission equipment, particularly with the increment of information rates and relating blunders.

Other Full Forms of ECC

ECCError Correcting/Correction Code
ECCElgin Community College
ECCElliptic Curve Cryptography (encryption)
ECCEarly Childhood Center
ECCEl Camino College
ECCEmergency Cardiovascular Care
ECCError Correcting Code (memory)
ECCElectronic Communications Committee
ECCEssex County Council (UK)
ECCErie Community College (Buffalo, NY, USA)
ECCEvangelical Covenant Church
ECCEmergency Cardiac Care
ECCEcclesiastes (Book of the Bible)
ECCEuropean Consumer Centre (network)
ECCEllsworth Community College (Iowa)
ECCExpanded Core Curriculum (various organizations)
ECCEarly Childhood Caries (dental disease)
ECCError Checking and Correction
ECCEl Centro College
ECCElectronic Climate Control (Volvo)
ECCEmergency Communications Center
ECCÉglise du Christianisme Céleste (French: Celestial Church of Christ)
ECCEast Coast Championship
ECCEconomic Club of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
ECCEvangelical Community Church (various locations)
ECCEvangelical Christian Church (various locations)
ECCEconomic Cooperation Council (various locations)
ECCEvery Child Can (education)
ECCElectoral Complaints Commission (Afghanistan)
ECCEuropean Club Cup
ECCError Correction Code
ECCEnterprise Command Center
ECCError Check and Correction
ECCElliptic Curve Cryptography
ECCElectronic Commerce Code
ECCE-Mail Control Center
ECCEssential Crypto Container
ECCError Check Code
ECCError Code Capture
ECCEnterprise Certified Corporation
ECCEnvironment Concept Car
ECCElectronic Climate Control
ECCEastern Conference Champions
ECCEngineering Change Control
ECCEuropean Control Conference (biannual; European Union Control Association)
ECCEndocervical Curettage (Ob/Gyn)
ECCEnvironmental Compliance Certificate (legal term, Philippines)
ECCEnvironmental Compliance Certificate
ECCEuropean Cartoon Center (Belgium)
ECCEngineered Cementitious Composites
ECCE-Commerce Center (Verticle Net)
ECCEconomic Coordination Committee (Pakistan Government)
ECCElectronic Customer Care
ECCExtracorporeal Circulation (medical)
ECCEnterprise Computing Center (Internal Revenue Service)
ECCEarly Childhood Community (various organizations)
ECCEngineering Computer Center (various schools)
ECCEvolution Control Committee (band)
ECCEmmaus Catholic College (Australia)
ECCEuropean Club Championship (various organizations)
ECCEdmonds Community College
ECCEuropean Cultural Capital (arts program)
ECCElectronic Check Conversion (electronic payment)
ECCEglise du Christ au Congo (French: Church of Christ in Congo)
ECCEngineering and Construction Contract
ECCEnergy Code Compliance
ECCError Control Coding
ECCEverett Community College
ECCEnglish Catholic Church (UK)
ECCEastern Caribbean Countries
ECCEdison Community College
ECCEnterprise Command Center (Dell)
ECCEuropean Cruise Council
ECCEnvironmental Chemical Corporation (Burlingame, CA)
ECCEmergency Coordination Center
ECCEco-Certified Composite (panels)
ECCEmergency Command Center
ECCEdinburgh Chamber of Commerce (UK)
ECCEcumenical Council of Churches (various locations)
ECCEmergency Control Center
ECCEdina Community Center (Minnesota)
ECCElite Cruise Counselor (travel)
ECCEssex Community College (New Jersey)


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