What Is The Full Form Of CTS – CTS Full Form

The full type of CTS is Check Truncation System. It is a clearance system for checks utilized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for quicker cheque clearances. Rather than utilizing the cheque’s actual copy to finish the freedom cycle, CTC utilizes the electronic picture of the check alongside pertinent cheque details.

What Is Cheque Truncation System And How It Benefits You?

Full Form Of CTS


Check Truncation System accommodates the quick assortment interaction of checks by utilizing the cheque’s electronic picture to be cleared alongside key information. It dispenses with the requirement for the actual development of the checks across the banks besides in phenomenal conditions. CTS’s job is to empower electronic handling of the checks by utilizing check pictures and applicable information, which is caught by the introducing bank and sent to the paying bank for its processing.


Check Truncation System was executed in the accompanying states as follows:

  • New Delhi: From first February 2008.
  • Chennai: From 24th September 2011.
  • Mumbai: From 27th April 2013.

CTS has now been taken on all through the country.


How about we Discuss the accompanying system.

  • Check clearance in CTS begins with the introducing financier catching the check’s information alongside its picture utilizing its interior catch framework.
  • The introducing investor then, at that point, sends the information alongside the check’s picture, being carefully marked and scrambled to the Clearing House to the paying bank for additional interaction.
  • To do such cooperation, the brokers utilize a point of interaction named Clearing House Interface (CHI), via which the caught information and pictures can be communicated. CHI then processes information, and in the wake of taking on record the last measure of settlement, forwards the pictures as well as information to the paying financier.
  • This cycle is known as Presentation Clearing. Paying financiers utilize their CHI to get the information for the handling of installments. Clearing House then, at that point, processes the information consequently clearing the meeting, and the return information is conveyed to the introducing financier. When the show clearing and return clearing meetings are finished, the clearing of the check is finished.


There are a few fields that structure significant highlights of a CTS check.

  • Branch address alongside IFSC of the bank on the highest point of a check.
  • Date in dd/mm/yy format inboxes.
  • The printer’s name with CTS-2010 was composed across the left half of the check.
  • Pantograph put underneath the record number, which will show “Void/Copy” assuming that somebody takes a copy of the check.
  • Rupee image.
  • The words “Please sign above” are composed on the lower part of the check.
  • The apparent watermark “CTS India” (to be noticeable in the event that the check is put in light).
  • The bright logo of the Bank is to be printed in the upper left corner of the check.


The utilization of the Check Truncation System in the financial area has helped the clients as well as the investors all in all. The requirement for the check’s actual presence has been wiped out alongside the dangers implied in it.

Likewise, a comparative framework is utilized by banking establishments and controllers across the globe. The clearance of checks has become quicker and more secure at this point.

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